Cydney Irby

Cydney, aka the boss lady, is the sole founder of Dream On Youth. While she began this anonymously in 2012, she quickly found her voice and passion to share it with others locally. It’s hard to miss this 6’1 powerhouse who is full of light and always ready to lend a helping hand.

The boss lady can be reached personally at for interviews and public speaking opportunities. You can also follow her other ventures on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You’ll spot her on our Instagram stories often.


Saman alibhai

Saman joined us in September 2017, stepping straight into a social media management role as an intern. She may be the youngest person on our team, that’s not the only thing that makes her unique. Saman has knowledge about other countries, which allows all of us to stay informed. She is able to use our platform to showcase the concerns of others worldwide.

You can reach Saman through our Twitter. She says our DMs are always open. In fact, she’s our current leader for Self Worth Wednesday so it’s very possible you’ve already talked with her before!


Kay willis

Kay joined us in May 2018, quickly moving from summer intern to virtual assistant (VA) to our founder. She is currently a College Freshman getting an early start on making change in this world. While she is more of a behind the scenes person, she can always point you in the right direction.

She can be reached at for press inquiries and guest writing opportunities. As for social media, you can connect with her on Instagram and Twitter. You’ll probably find her somewhere in the comment section!


YaZamia cofer

Yazamia joined us in May 2018, right after high school and says it was “one of the best decisions ever.” We brought her on as our first visual intern and she was shortly moved to project manager for our sister brand, The UWOC. She now has a team behind her and is ready to follow her passions as a multi-faceted woman.

You can reach her on The UWOC accounts, which are found on Instagram and Twitter. If you have further questions about either of our communities, you can reach her at