Here’s what our community is saying:

Theresa Bravo

Being introduced to Dream On Youth has instilled me with a new sense of empowerment and encouragement. Their team never ceases to put a smile on my face.

Seth Baker

There are a lot of voices that can get into your head. Whether that be from people, or from your own thoughts that make you doubt yourself and what you should be doing in life. Dream On Youth has been one of the good voices that affirms people’s dreams and talents. Encouraging them to push on and keep working toward what’s in their hearts. DOY has a set an example of the good that can come when a community is intentional about encouragement and positivity, and it makes me more inclined to be the same way towards others. When I’m doubting my dream, Cydney and her team are there to remind me why I do what I do and the love I have for it. DOY is just a refreshing organization, community, and idea.

Ally Burnet

Dream On Youth has been incredibly supportive of me in all my ventures. The kindness and positivity throughout the years has been tremendously helpful!

Chelsea Triano

Dream On Youth has definitely allowed me to see what your heart can hold if you open it up enough. We have to protect our love, but we have to share ourselves genuinely to have it noticed. Collaborating with this community has given me assurance that I can become something with my passion driven heart, as I’ve watched so many of the DOY family do just that.

Seth Rinehart

Personally, it makes me really happy to read the stories you all post about struggles and passions. It makes me feel excited that there are people going through life too that just want to be honest and open about how to live it. The tweets, I feel like they’re honestly really useful to people on tough days. People need to look on their wall and see that kind of encouragement, it’s beautiful and necessary. It makes you think there are still people out there who just want to help, with no ultimatum.

Tabitha Graham

When I think of Dream On Youth, the expression “when one door closes another one opens” comes to mind. It just suits it so well, because when I joined this family, I had reached a door that was finally open. I had come to a place after getting my head injury, from a girl trying to take me out of the volleyball game during warmups, where I wanted to spread positivity and raise awareness. That’s when I found DOY.

The concept of people having the ambition to pursue their dreams and want to reach out to people to spread positivity was just amazing to me. It was exactly what I was hoping I could do! It made me see the excitement in actually doing what your heart tells you and you LISTENING. It opened my eyes to the realization that, yes, bad things may happen to us but we can use it in a way that inspires others and allows us to follow our dreams.

DOY really influenced my thought process. Being in pain constantly everyday, not having answers from doctors, and always having appointments can really depress you if that’s what is racing though your mind. Dream On Youth made me see all that in a positive light. I use my trials and tribulations to help, encourage, and inspire others now. It made my aspiration even greater. I feel as thought I’ve finally found what purpose I hold in the world.

Whether through my artwork, writing, or networking, DOY made me think and feel on a more positive, empowering level.

Jenay Ross

DOY entered my life in 2012, shortly after I launched my clothing brand, Hours Lost. I’ve never met Cydney in person but she has always been supportive of my career journey, and also takes an interest in my wellbeing as a person.

Cydney and the Dream On Youth team have a powerful voice online. It’s a voice that has inspired me to be more creative, accept challenges, overcome hardships, and keep moving forward. There have been several times when I wanted to give up on certain projects, but Cydney has a knack for swooping in at the right time with a tweet or handwritten letter to wipe my doubts away.

She’s someone who genuinely cares about people and their dreams. Being included in this family has been a fantastic experience because even though I haven’t met any of the other members, aside from social networking, I still feel like I’m a part of a community.

A positive community is one of the most important things to have and I’m very appreciate for the DOY family. I’m a strong believer in surrounding myself with people who will lift me up, and Dream On Youth offers that kind of support.