here’s to stories that matter to you and the world you’re trying to create. no hate speech. no bullying. just healthy conversations. welcome to #doynews.


Episode 1: thousand oaks mass shooting

What happens when you receive that mid-morning message from your co-worker and it’s about yet another shooting?

In this video, we wrestle with the knowledge of the Ventura County shooting that happened on the day of our launch, November 7th, 2018. Challenging the idea that any side has the one-idea-fixes-all solution and that a social media post will help the families of those who lost their lives heal. It’s time for a change.

And, time we ask the hard question, “is prayer without action enough?”


Episode 2: the future of america

In this session with our founder, we pay gratitude to the women who stood for representation in Congress (and won!) and wonder why the new Democratic ideas are deemed “radical” by Fox News.

Special thanks to @seacvillage for lending a helping hand to all the immigrants traveling through the Charlotte area the week of Thanksgiving.

Episode 3: why we started #DOYnews

There’s a method to our madness behind all that we do at Dream On Youth. We were tired of being tired, belittled, and unheard and realized others were too.

In this introduction, we discuss why we need less focus on the material world and raise our self-awareness, because America isn’t the only nation in turmoil.


Stay tuned.