Current Campaign

Self Worth Wednesday


In 2013, our team discovered a surprising need from the youth in our communities. It seemed surprising that they weren’t being uplifted or confirmed regularly. At least, not in ways that validated who they are but didn’t involve grades, finances, gender norms, or relationship status.

In Fall, we would begin a conversation on Twitter asking people to use #selfworthwednesday as an outpour of love. To spread some love and light to those who may be having a bad day.

We would soon take the same conversation to Instagram. Creating typography graphics with declarations and affirmations for those in need of some self-love.

In 2016, the founder, Cydney Irby, would begin encouraging her team to interview people for the weekly event. These interviews would be posted on the blog and eventually Cydney would take it to YouTube. The first video interview would be with Kayla Hollatz, award-winning website content writer and copywriter.

Years later, we have noticed a dramatic shift in societal norms. While depression and comparison ran wild back then, the highlight reel effect has only made things worse.

We have witnessed countless attacks on the psyches of young people, driving them to believe the only thing that matters is social media. Not to mention, a jump in depression and suicide rates.

This is why SWW continues to be a day for our battlecry. The destruction will end when we stop diminishing ourselves and each other. When we begin to uplift those around us without seeking reward. When we stop spewing hate out of our mouths to achieve vengeance.

We are working on bringing Self Worth Wednesday events to life in our local communities, schools, and even on tour. However, for now, we will continue to rally together on social media. Inviting all of those with a past, present, and future to love a little more and hurt a little less.

We can’t do this without you.

Love first begins with you.  Photo by  Marion Michele  on  Unsplash .

Love first begins with you. Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash.