Welcome To Self Love

I love who I am!

    I’m sure that many will read that sentence and think, “wow, she’s conceited.” That’s the problem. When did it become a crime for someone to love all they are, to be content in everything they aren’t? Self-deprecation is trending, and it breaks my heart.

    We see self hate everywhere, dressing up in different costumes trying to fool us into thinking it’s normal. It's found in “lol I’m so annoying” tweets, “sorry I look ugly” disclaimers on Instagram selfies, and “I wish I looked like you” comments on our friends’ profile pictures. 

You are beautiful.

    I’ll be honest: I haven’t always loved me. It took nearly 20 years to get to this place, but the struggle was worth it. Every tear I cried, meal I skipped, smile I faked, self loathing thought I let consume me—those things are what made me the strong, confident gal I am today, and I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. 

    You are worth more than a number on a scale or the size of your jeans. You deserve to eat what you love. You are flawless with AND without makeup. You are beauty and light and love.  You might not believe these things about yourself, but they're true—they have ALWAYS been, and they always will be. 

    It takes effort to love who you are, but it’s worth it. YOU are worth it! Put in the work, because it matters! I want this freedom and happiness for you. I spent years tearing myself apart before I got to this place, and I can speak these truths over you all day long, but the journey to self love can only come from you. You won’t find it in your goal weight, the right boy, or any amount of money or possessions. Self love starts with you, the you that you are when you let down your walls. 

    Write down things you love about who you are. Maybe your laugh is contagious, you’re an optimist, you WORK that winged eyeliner—whatever it is, write it down somewhere you’ll see it everyday. Actually read it everyday. Say it out loud everyday! Claim who you are, and love yourself where you’re at every single day, even if you cry more than laugh, see the glass half empty, or have a bad eyeliner day. There will be days when this thought process is hard, AND THAT’S OKAY! 

Brené Brown puts it beautifully: “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging."

    Loving yourself as you are is a beautiful thing, but learn to love who you’ve been and the you that you’ll be someday, because those girls are beautiful too. If you want to change something about yourself, do it, but do it for the right reasons—because YOU want to! Treat yourself! If you want to lose weight, do it healthily and with body positive intentions! If you want to eat pizza and ice cream for breakfast, power to ya, friend! If you want to wear a full face of makeup and dress to the nines, go for it, and wear it because YOU want to and it makes YOU feel good. 

You are worth loving. The journey to self love is worth fighting for. You have the power to choose to love yourself everyday, even when it's hard. 

    This process isn’t easy, and it won’t happen overnight. I fight negativity and doubt everyday to truly appreciate myself, but each day I decide that I am worth it. I’ve learned to love and embrace who I am because I know the girl I had to overcome to be the me I am today, and I can’t wait until you can say that too. Welcome to self love, it’s so good to have you.