Feature: The Local Tripper

The soul behind The Local Tripper is basically who you aspire to be. Working in a place she loves, and living as though she is on vacation, the mastermind has turned the cliche of turning everyday into a journey a reality, and it’s quite the story to tell.

    Maria Moran is the kick-starter of her own expedition, finding a way to make local life feel new. Leaving her personal excavation to a different country and moving back to Miami with her daughter, Maria decided that she wanted to live like a tourist in her own hometown. She knew the nooks and crannies and the most exotic places to go out to eat, and soon realized she could make the most of it. Her only problem? One that nearly everyone knows all too well: financial standings.

    Somehow, money becomes our downfall and an excuse to hold ourselves back. We permit ourselves to say that we can’t do this and we can’t see that because we don’t have enough money to live life to the fullest, but not Maria. She decided to turn down the path abandoned and live everyday as an adventure, on a budget. She adopted a 9-5 job in Miami, and began to save and plan. She started scouting out her territory, and found that there was so much to do with so little money - and it was incredibly satisfying.

    Maria and her son would go to secret hideouts and mom and pop shops, simply for the event of living. She realized that so many others are facing the debacle of wanting to explore but not wanting to break the bank. This simple fact ignited an idea and so Maria started The Local Tripper. On The Local Tripper site, the one woman (and adorable child) show broadcast their adventures and post about their latest finds. Even for those who don’t live in Miami, and can’t get to the country berry farm that they visited, they provide places that anyone could visit, no matter where they call home. An entire page on the site is dedicated to trips that are under $25, making the classic money excuse invalid when you have the incredible itch to go out and see more than your own backyard. Maria writes blog posts telling the stories and details of the day, and includes a short vlog to give a visual aspect to the idea. With every one adventure comes one hundred memories, without losing one thousand dollars.

    The Local Tripper has truly met the definition of making your life into a journey. Everyday offers new opportunity, and it is just the matter of knowing where to look to allow the day to be the best it can. Maria has mastered the skill of balance between work and drive, and through her platform, you can too.

    Find The Local Tripper on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her website.



Photo Credit: Chris Barbalis