Celebrating The Free Woman

    There are five key factors to the backbone of The Free Woman, a global community preparing feminine hearts to take on the world: inspiration, radiance, honesty, influence and awareness. A woman’s heart is filled with compassion and drive, art and soul, and most importantly: freedom. The Free Woman’s ultimatum is to reveal to the female heart its greatest value and its potential to explore happiness.

    The Free Woman began their mission of working for the empowerment of women. Discovering the light in art, wellness, relationships, leadership and social justice, TFW roots its international work to encourage the radiance built in a woman’s heart to roar.

    Every feature of their digitally based home revolves around connectedness. From publications of writing pieces to handmade merchandise, The Free Woman works anything but short in commitment to their passion.

    The contents of the TFW blog are vulnerable and liberating, exemplifying their goal of equipping women to be, “so lovely, so free.” The posts regard either of the five thematic factors, or consist of tales that reflect on the moving moment when individual hearts were introduced to their heartbeats.

    Every piece in the The Free Woman shop embodies positivity and strength in women. From coffee mugs to jewelry, the opportunities to support the organization of aiding hearts in finding their purposes are ones to jump on.

    When visiting thefreewoman.com, a prompt appears to join the collective, and I highly suggest accepting the invitation. By subscribing to the movement, your inbox will be gifted weekly with updates of new changes and posts to the site, exclusively new products for sale, and much more. With each email, a rush of inspiration flows through the message. Also look for The Free Woman on Twitter, at @thefreewmn.

    Australian Bethany Morris is the master soul behind the organization, also running Gem and Thread, an additional entrepreneurship program for creatives. Find her on Twitter at @bethanyjae, and on her primary social media platform of Instagram at @bethjae