Feature: Tagua Dreams

Tagua Dreams was founded and owned by Kristen Ramer. The brand sells various types of jewelry, each with a story behind the girl who made it. Tagua Dreams started with an opportunity to travel to Ecuador. Ramer explored the new place that her life had taken her, finding herself in the nightlife of Quito, Ecuador trying to reach out to victims of sex trafficking and prostitution with a message of hope. At the same time, Ramer was also exploring the nightlife and noticed homemade Tagua jewelry. It was when discussing these jewelries with her brother, she then decided to find a way to use Tagua jewelry to help women in sex work jobs to find a different economic opportunity.


    The brand, Tagua Dreams, was created to help women who are rescued from the sex industry along with many individual artists. Ramer also works along with an Ecuadorian non-profit organization, Dunamis Foundation. The organization is used to help women build a variety of skills, including jewelry making. The profits that are made within the organization goes directly to these women. When purchasing through Tagua Dreams, part of the profits are donated to Dunamis. Through both the brand and organization, customers are contributing into helping girls and women within developing skills to help them find economic opportunities.

    Jewelry sold on Tagua Dreams are beautifully handcrafted. Many being big, bold, and bright. Each ranging between $16 - $55. Remember, part of the profit from each piece sold is directly donated to the Dunamis Foundation. You can find many of their styles and help the cause here. Be a part of this dream to help rescued women and artisans to thrive and continuously work towards the dreams in their hearts.



Photo credit: Tagua Dreams