Summer Kick-Off

Summer is literally right around the corner and I’m so excited for it! Think about it: ice pops, watermelon slices, and your legs finally feeling the sun! I love the heat, especially having lived with the winter cold for almost five months now. Here are some things that I’m definitely looking forward to this summer--who knows, maybe you’ll get some inspiration on what to do with your summer.


    First off, I’m going to Governor’s Ball in June! Living in NYC, we get many music festivals during the summer months, but there are also so many others all over the country. Later this June, the Electric Daisy Carnival will be taking place in Las Vegas. There will be rock music festivals hitting up Florida and many others spots in the Midwest. And let’s not forget about Bonnaroo, which is a HUGE event taking place in Manchester, TN this summer! There are so many more of these wild and fun festivals coming your way this summer music lover, no matter what your taste is!

    Later this year I get to be a bridesmaid, but before the wedding in September, we’re headed to the Bahamas for the bachelorette party! There are many other tropical islands you can visit if you’re looking to escape, like St. Maarten or St. Lucia. Going to an island on a budget is definitely 100% possible. Find a nice and cheap all inclusive resort on one of the beautiful islands and you’ll be relaxing in no time!

    Now, living in NYC, eating outside is really popular especially during the warmer months. Brunch is always a really fun and great time to gather with friends. One of my favorite places is Queens Comfort, residing in Astoria, Queens. Although they aren’t an outdoors brunch place, their fried mac and cheese balls, also known as Atomic Fireballs, make the trip worth it. Another great brunch place is Jack’s Wife Freda, located out in SoHo. It’s a great place if you’re a bit more health conscious or if you have certain health preferences.

    When lunchtime rolls around, a great idea is, of course, to eat in one of the city’s many parks. Pick up some food at Whole Foods or Shake Shack, and enjoy a great day at Central Park or Bryant Park. People watch, enjoy the sun, or even read a book! If you prefer to dine indoors, Cafe Habana is an excellent choice. This place has awesome fish tacos and Mexican corn.

    Are you craving dessert now? Me too! One of my go-tos is Big Gay Ice Cream shop. A super popular place and great ice cream spot! One of their popular creations they’ve made is the Salty Pimp--a cone filled with vanilla ice cream with little dollops of dulce de leche, sprinkled with sea salt and then the whole swirl is covered in chocolate. I am salivating as I write about it! Another great dessert that can be found at both 10Below and I C E NY is Thai rolled ice cream. They make the ice cream right in front of you by putting the ice cream base and add-ins on an anti-griddle, which is an ice plate kept at a temperature of -4 degrees Fahrenheit. They continuously mix and flatten out the mixture until the ice cream is solidified, using an ice scraper to roll the ice cream. After doing so, you can add any toppings you’d like. It’s great to watch and exciting for your Instagram page!

    Although I could talk about food for days, I think I’ve spoken enough about it for now, and we’ll move on to summer fashion! Starting with the off-the-shoulder top which is making a comeback this season. Not only is it super cute but it also lets your shoulders breathe. Pair these with a pair of breezy pants like the ones from here and you won’t sweat too much. Another cute item coming this summer are rompers in bright or pastel colors. Maxi dresses are also super in and super easy to style with minimal effort. To complete the look, throw on a pair of sandals and sunglasses, and you’re good to go.

    In all honesty, with all these summer finds, just make sure you are staying hydrated and applying sunblock this summer! It may still be a bit cold up here in the Northeast but take care of yourself. You are what’s most important. This summer is yours! Make it amazing and have fun!