Feature: Scarlet & Gold

    To find a business that covers more than one category of work is rare, but when you do, it is often lacking full development through all areas. Scarlet and Gold, however, breaks that norm. They cover essentials of life, beauty and overall light. A business like no other, S & G deserves the same amount of spotlight shined on them as they shine on others.  

    Scarlet and Gold is a community all its own. Their home, hosted on scarletandgoldshop.com, is expanded into much more than just one realm. When visiting the  site initially, the appearance of an online store is introduced. From t-­shirts to art prints and stationery to tattoos, the shop features everything one needs in order to design a life of light and class. Once going deeper into the site, the blog is revealed. The posts featured on the last tab of the site range from spotlight features to how-­tos, bringing versatility and a wide variety to appeal to any interest.  

    One of my favorite articles found on the blog is titled "What does being a strong woman mean to you?" It doesn’t follow the traditional engaging post format. It features a video,  streaming the introduction of the new Strong Woman collection in the store. Instead of making a simple post saying, ‘here’s our new product line, hope you like it,” Megan brought awareness into it. She brought empowerment into it. The bravery and creativity taken to make every post  and every design worth more than just the promotion itself is emblazing.  

    While scavenging through the site, too many items on the store called my name ­and by too many, I mean that my next two paychecks won’t even make it to my pocket. The To Dye For  navy tie-dye iPhone case is about to look incredible on my new phone. The She Was Beautiful greeting card, featuring an excerpt of a F. Scott Fitzgerald piece, truly stood out to me as something unique, and quite frankly, beautiful. I have never seen a card printed with real literature on it, and this card creates a different perspective onto the piece.  

    As if Scarlet and Gold didn’t already offer enough to a strong woman looking for that extra push, they also are beginning to host classes. The first one is for calligraphy, to channel your pursuing inspirational artist. This leap to truly interact with customers and to leave an impact even larger than their movement makes shows the dedication for good that Scarlet and Gold and it’s owners have.  

    This business is one with a community built in. It presents itself as an online store, but  invites others as an entire family of love and encouragement. The branch from blog to store to classroom proves the success of Scarlet and Gold in terms of insuring impact on its supporters. The initial goal of the company is to secure the strength and empowerment through women, and there is no doubt that this goal is achieved marvelously.  


Photo credit: Scarlet & Gold