The Tea on Shea Moisture's Bamboo Charcoal Line

Okay, I know some of us are still on the fence about using Shea Moisture but look we all know curls have a mind of their own. I cannot tell my curls "but Shea Moisture did this commercial and everyone was upset and..." Yeah, my curls said this isn't Burger King. I cannot have it my way.

However, I lowkey was still using the products even when that happened. Don't @ me.

Recently, I bought a detangler from their low porosity line which I'll talk more about soon and became obsessed. I stan for Shea Moisture. My curls are thriving. I could actually detangle my hair without screaming in agony and scaring the neighbors. 

Okay, being overdramatic but you get my point. The coil is tight!

I also was using their problem skin moisturizer while I was doing business in Daytona, FL last year and when I had an eczema flare-up on my elbows for the first time in years, I ran to that product. Cleared it up in no time and I could live my best life on the beach on my days off.

So, do you know how hype I was when I got their Bamboo Charcoal skincare line without paying a dime?


Disclaimer: yes I am a Sheabassador because I took a shot and submitted a quick video on intuition and whim. That's actually how I became an ambassador for another fave brand on mine too.

Now back to this skincare line and the tea.

I have combination skin to a tee. My nose gets dry easily but gathers oil and my forehead likes to stay oily but then never looks moisturized enough. It's stubborn skin. A lot of products most people use don't work for me. In fact, when I was younger I was one of the people who had their mom order Proactiv for them.

My skin is like the biggest oxymoron and it's annoying af. Yeah I said it.

So, what happened when I used the Bamboo Charcoal line on my skin?


This bamboo charcoal gel moisturizer somehow manages to control the oil buildup on my skin, almost making my skin look matte by the time it's dry, and somehow keep me glowing all at the same time.

The tea is I cannot use this on my chin. I have had multiple breakouts on my chin where the moisture seems to be too high. And, it's not little zits, it's like the under the skin monsters. Great.


Same problem area with the detoxifying foaming facial wash but I also remember the first time I used it I also had a huge zit monster on my forehead. My skin was like "what are you doing?!"

I will say, I didn't try to gradually incorporate the products. I switched from my normal routine to this rapidly and knowing my skin it wanted to rebel like "nah to the nah, woman!"

This foaming facial wash, however, is light and a great makeup remover for my foundation.


The conclusion?

This product is not going to be everyone and it may not work for all of your problem areas. Gradually incorporate the products if you have problem skin and do not start testing new products for your skin the day before you want to do a photoshoot. Talking from experience. 

You can make work a lot of products work for you though. I use the foaming facial wash and gelee moisturizer on my forehead often and it's clearing up pretty quickly. That's after years of trying different products and getting frustrated. 

Oh, and the only reason I didn't talk about the body scrub is that I only used it once so far. I will tell you my skin felt incredibly soft after I stepped out of the shower. 

Have you used these products? What type of skin do you have?