Create Change and Power On

It is one victory to leave an impact within your community, but it is a completely heightened scale to leave one across oceans - and that is just what Power On has accomplished.

    Projected by Tristan Kochoyan, Power On has built bridges from the United States to desolate communities who live without electricity, and have connected them to our lifestyle of light and technology. The organization calls itself a mission, with the drive to bring isolated villages in Africa away from their disconnected ways, and to have the ability to live with the accessible resources. With the gift of education and motivation on their backs, the runners of this project work with no sense of work at all, but as an offer of giving back to the universe.

    Power On has defeated the ideal that large corporations succeed more than their competitor entrepreneurs. They have the knowledge that the government officials have been thrown off guard by, they have the concepts that corporations can’t seem to wrap their heads around, and most importantly, they have the drive that no other than a group of electrified (no pun intended) hearts can produce. Their focus is not numbers, nor is it hierarchy, but simply to make a change. The organization’s strongest hope is that with the source of electricity implemented in villages that appear from the outside to offer nothing, the people on the inside will begin to feel of value. There will be no more feeling of helplessness, and people who have lived in isolation through years can now feel what it is like to step out, and be able to interact and make a difference on their own.

    The first village Power On tackled was in Africa in Benin, a community of 3000 called Igbéré. Prior to their visit, hundreds of households and businesses were run without electricity. Following the installment of the Power On mini-grid, the entire village has the opportunity to live and grow with the usage of electricity. The people are now able to turn on lights when the day has grown dark, and perform everyday tasks without the need of a fire or gas lighter. A new lifestyle has been introduced to them, purely from the avoidance of taking for granted what the United States and other developed countries find to be just another aspect of life.

    Going against the odds of the common man being defeated by the corporate official, Power On has created its own small stream business with a not-so-mainstream impact. Many companies work to support the promotion of improvement for this cause and that cause, but Power On has taken it one step further, and gotten up from their couches, and have actually built improvement. It takes incredible bravery, and astounding passion for someone to start up their own business, and even more so to make the business one that creates its own legacy. If you wish to support Power On and to stay up to date with their latest mission work, visit and offer your email address.