Summer Playlist: June Vibes

    As the scent of sunscreen and stickiness of melted ice pops begin to resurface your daily encounters, it is known that summer has officially announced it’s arrival. It comes with nostalgia  and adventure, tying in old family gathering traditions and new hideouts up in the local mountain  range. It’s filled with opportunity to get out and explore, even if your schedule still remains a bit  cluttered with work and responsibilities. The idea of summer in itself is liberating, and the best  way to secure its freedom is the vibe of the season. Although you can fill your empty mornings out in the sun, sipping on lemonade, the rhythm of summer is what will make or break your catching up on rays. We all know that music is the language of the soul, but it is also the  language of good times. So, gather your beach bag, charge your portable speaker, and get ready to hit the road with the most upbeat and bubbly tunes for the summer.    

Geronimo - Sheppard    

    This is one of those songs that you know, and you know you know it, but the name has no bell to ring. Once you hear the acoustic guitar chime in, though, you’re on the edge of your seat, ready to start screaming the lyrics.    

Brown Eyed Girl ­- Van Morrison  

    This is a classic that really needs no explanation. Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee da.      

Side Kick ­- WALK THE MOON  

    This is perfect for the road trip with your best friend.    

Eternal Happiness ­- Jhene Aiko    

King of the World ­- Young Rising Sons    

    This band is from my hometown, and I’ve met their down to earth selves a handful of times. This song makes you want to roll all of your windows down and speed down the beach front.    

Love Myself ­- Hailee Steinfeld    

The Girl ­- City and Colour    

    This song has come up on my Discover Weekly playlist for the past three weeks, and I’m not  sure if my Spotify is broken, but I’m not complaining.    

When We Were Young ­- Lucy Schwartz    

    No, this is not a cover of Adele’s song. But yes, this is the theme song from Parenthood. It’s  just a happy song with a happy story.    

Our Own House ­- MisterWives    

A Change of Heart ­- The 1975

Talk ­- James Spaite    

    I found this song through my Discover Weekly playlist and it’s my favorite song to play when I get ready in the morning. It’s light but also jammy, the perfect song for 6 am.    

CAN’T STOP THE FEELING! ­- Justin Timberlake    

    To be honest, I normally don’t listen to the radio because the songs that are overly played are not my cup of tea, but this song inevitably makes me happy. It’s impossible not to dance when hearing it.    

Be Okay ­- Oh, Honey  

    The headers of Oh, Honey, Mitchy and Danielle, are friends of mine and their entire music library screams sitting at the beach while watching the sunset. This song in particular is one of their more upbeat songs.        

Listen to these songs, along with a few others, here on Spotify: June Vibes