"It's going to be okay."

   A few weeks ago I had seen a friend of mine tweet: "Made an "it's going to be okay" playlist and immediately I asked her to share.  I myself need some confidence boosting from time to time and music is one of the first places I go to seek inspiration.  After becoming aware of this organization and ultimately becoming a member of the family every time I hear a song that inspires me I think of how I want to make a post about it on here.  There's so much I want to say but I've come to realize there's not much more I can say that the lyrics of these songs haven't already.  

    Everyone gets a different feeling after listening to each and every one of these songs.  They speak for themselves, they don't need an introduction.  Just a listening ear of someone who needs them.  There are so many songs out there that have such powerful messages that we need to remember, especially when we're doubting ourselves.  I am thankful that artists today use their talent to reach into the world and let others know things will get better.  You won't always have to feel this way, times will change and you will be happy.  Maybe not now, or tomorrow but someday.  All it takes is a little faith, hope, and trust that things will work themselves out. And with that being said here is a playlist of a variety of upbeat, slow, happy, thought-provoking songs to help you when you feel lost and unsure. 

    Leave a comment below if there's anything you'd add!