See the Light: The Music of NOMADELINE

    I can fight my own battles, but I’d rather not//and I have no fear for tomorrow or at least I thought//I’m not one for wasting time I’m just trying to live my life right//oh, but if I’m patient I will see the light

    On May 18, 2016 Madeline Becker of Sugar and Spice released her very first single See the Light under her musical persona: NOMADELINE. In her own words the song was written from a broken moment looking for hope.

    From the moment the first string on the guitar begins telling us Madeline’s story, the cosmic feeling that the song is meant to mend more than just Madeline’s weary soul is evident.  The message she so desperately wants to get across is that she’s afraid and she’s not.  She knows where’s she’s going and yet she doesn’t.  She blindly follows her faith in her future and her faith in herself despite the fear and despite the inevitable number of struggles she may face.

    With a Lumineers, folk vibe Madeline takes us on a beautiful lyrical journey through the eyes of a young woman who’s far from found but full of strength. From her soothing tone that brings a sense of comfort, to her sense of her own influence, this isn’t the end of her or her sound. Her ability to ‘see the light’ through the darkness in her life is inspiring. People need to be reminded of the ever present strength to be found in hope and in faith in ourselves.  It is no doubt Madeline has the talent and the positive mindset to go further on this new adventure.

    For Madeline, through her creative work she hopes to “use [her] gifts to be a light in this world and help people in anyway possible.” If this song isn’t proof that she’s achieving her goal, I don’t know what is.


Photo Credit: Madeline Becker