3 Sister Acts You Have to Hear

    Well, it's the first music post of the year and I'm going to keep it short! I just wanted to feature of few sisters that I've found on YouTube that sing together. That's right! These ladies are either in the music business together or will be one day. We're just that confident. Now we've got three pairs of musically inclined and phenomenal sisters. You'll thank me for this later!
    First up, Chloe x Halle! I just discovered them yesterday or the day before from a Facebook page I follow. I just watched two of their videos and I'm still sitting here trying to figure out which one to post up. Now I chose the most recent one, the one that everyone has been talking about. Their cover of "Pretty Hurts". Why? Because I think it showcases both of their voices beautifully. 
    When it starts out, Chloe seems like the powerhouse. The tone of her voice is incredibly captivating and sounds a lot darker to me. Every note she hits is magic but the same goes for Halle. Don't underestimate that sweet, indie tone in her voice. She goes for those power moments and is spot on with the highest soft notes in their rendition. I was completely blown away and kept going "what" for most of the video. That's how insanely talented these young ladies are.
    But it's not only that. I ended up liking their Facebook page because not only am I a new fan of their music but of who they are. In an instant, I could tell that they're just like a lot of the Dream On Youth family. They're all about positivity, interacting with their fans, and supporting everyone around them. I love discovering artists like that. It moves me in more ways than one.
    Now I'm probably going to end up watching their videos for the next 30 minutes. I hope you'll join me. 

    Next up? Twins Lydi and Adri. I discovered them last year and immediately loved them. They include bloopers at the end of every video which always makes me laugh. That may be one of the reasons I adore them. They're very real and honest with their fans. I've watched plenty of their covers but it's their original songs that captivated me. Of course, I had to choose "Stay" to share with you guys. 
    These girls have very sweet and natural tones in their voices. It seems like every note comes with ease and every word is their heart speaking the truth. This song simply just showcases who these girls are, what they stay up at night thinking about. It's something kind of magical and very beautiful. 
    Yes, they're still young. They'll continue to grow as musicians and their voices will continue to unite people every day. I'll tell you one thing, they're going places. Maybe you can't see it just yet but keep your eyes on these two. 

    Last but certainly not least? Yeah, I know you already guessed who it is. Don't spoil it for anyone else. I'm talking about those sensational twins, Megan & Liz! Now I discovered these girls on YouTube years ago. They may have been one of the first artists I ever watched on YouTube. In fact, I think they were. Don't ask me how I stumbled upon them exactly, I couldn't tell you.
    It's obvious that these ladies hold a special place in my list of musicians. Not only are they insanely talented, I mean have you heard their original songs? They are down-to-earth, hilarious, and relatable but back to that talent. These ladies are something else. They've collaborated with some incredible artists, done a headlining tour, and had some pretty popular singles like "Bad For Me". 
    Liz definitely has the sweeter tone of the two but she has an incredible range. The way she hits those higher notes, yeah love it. Megan's tone is just a little darker but she shares a range as wide as her sisters. Hitting some equally beautiful and magical notes. They can both be powerhouses but they both have softer sides. They balance each other out and every song they sing has that something special. That star quality. 
    It was hard to pick a song for these two that showcased their vocals well, their songwriting abilities, and their beautiful harmonies. I didn't choose a cover only for the sheer fact that I've grown to love their originals much more. I relate to their music even at the age of 23! I decided on the a-dash-of-country-flavor song "Back Home".