Feature: Meghan Hughes

    If you’ve found yourself approaching the end of a YouTube video with a warm autumn leaf colored head of hair and the phrase “Stay smiling!” closing the piece, then you’ve brought yourself into the world of Meghan Hughes.

    Meghan is rooted on YouTube, but spreads her light among all realms of the universe. Starting just a short time after her sister Lindsey, also known as beautybaby44, Meghan began her channel MsMeghanMakeup, where she posted beauty tutorials, outfit of the week montages, and anything that the beauty guru world called for. Through the past four years since her appearance on the internet, however, Meghan has grown to develop her own style and branding. Although the videos of hauls and follow me around vlogs remain, Meghan has brought her own personality into her videos, making each watch more like a conversation instead of a rehearsed piece. The YouTuber doesn’t filter herself for the camera, making her appearance genuine and relatable. As anyone could predict with such genuinity, Meghan’s drive for positivity and making a difference in the world shined through her videos, and suddenly her channel had its own persona.

    With the passion to move out to Los Angeles and branch on what would become the Stay Smilin’ movement, Meghan completed two years of high school within the span of her junior year, and graduated a year early. Once settled in the city of love and creativity, she began delving deeper into her own image and started working to spread her positivity movement. Through work with 1234 Radio and her and Lindsey’s podcast show, Souls at Sundown, Meghan reached larger audiences, and grew her YouTube channel to over 350,000 subscribers. In the beginning of 2016, Meghan released her own app, the Stay Smilin’ App. The app is home to the community of friends who want to work together to share the movement of sharing more smiles and light in the world, and is an outlet for anyone to come and chat and share ideas. It is also an easy access route to all of Meghan’s social media platforms and posts. Just a few months later, Meghan released her own t-shirt and hoodie seen here, promoting the Stay Smilin’ motif. The t-shirt has the signature sunflower of the brand, but the hoodie features a piece of fan art. As Meghan is incredibly active with her fans, which is a very odd term to say as she refers to all of her followers as friends and nothing less, she oftens shares and admires any art or writing that they create.

    As a personal follower of Meghan for around three years now, and having had the pleasure of meeting her in 2014, I can promise that her spirit in person is even brighter than her online self. Her heart is truly passionate for her art and her movements, but it also shines for anyone she collaborates with. She never shies away from an opportunity to make the world a safer, and happier, place for minds to live and expand. So, if you’re in search for a new face to lighten your heart and your feed, subscribe, follow, and in the Meghan Hughes manner, stay smiling.



Photo Credit: Meghan Hughes