Feature: Jillian Jensen

If you Google search Jillian Jensen - which, to be honest, you shouldn’t have to look her up at this point - you’ll see the face of a multi talented heart.

    Jillian became a fairly known household name when she began her journey on The X Factor. With her soulful roar standing with a lifetime of practice and passion, the singer songwriter took the audience by storm. Her rendition of Who You Are nearly went viral, finding itself being shared across every form of social media.

    Jensen is an incredible supporter of art and expression, and explains that her acceptance for all creativity is due to her battles as an outsider in school. She was never exactly like everyone else, and never wanted to perfectly fit in. Because of her desire to be true to herself, however, she faced bullying and ridicule. Older and wiser now, Jillian has no shame in who she is and how she wants to show her soul to the world.

    Although Jensen continues to perform and express her the battles and stories she faces in her life through music, she has also touched upon a new realm of inspiration: fitness.

    Posting her story and updates on Instagram, Jillian has dedicated herself to the gym, for herself and herself only. She’s taking the journey of improving herself for her own love and her own desires, and has no intention to fit any mold except the one that she has created on her own for her personal goals. Jensen has also delved into the realm of herbalism and the many wonders of Earth’s own nutrients. She works with a nutrition company, Herbalife, in which she promotes but also shows the genuine results living a pure life leaves.

    Jillian continues to upload stellar covers of songs on her YouTube channel, taking each song, popular or just discovered, with her own spark. Her continuous journey of fitness and self love is posted on her Twitter and her Instagram.


Photo credit: Majora Images