An Interview With: Tessa Climer

I am happy to be interviewing Tessa Climer,  a fellow new intern here at DOY!

Tessa is 24 and living in Indianapolis, but from a small town in Virginia called Winchester. She is currently a social media coordinator for a marketing company (first job in her  profession!! yes girl!!) and absolutely loving it. A new graduate from Shenandoah University,  Tessa provided some advice about self care and college and talked about her bright future.



Julia: Tessa, What drew you to working with DOY?

Tessa: I was drawn to DOY because of their Twitter feed actually. I was exploring one day out of boredom and stumbled upon their page. It was filled with quirky and motivational tweets which is exactly what I look for! I eventually found my way to the website and fell in love with all the amazing writing and talent all over the pages! So blessed to be working with such awesome ladies.



Julia: That is awesome,  Tessa! Some of the things we find just by browsing can be the best things! Now, college is an extremely stressful environment, how did you vitalize self-care while you were there?

Tessa: Self-care in college can be difficult, and I struggled to keep up with it due to all the stress of classes and life in general. But, spending time with people who recognize my hard work and loved me no matter what always helped me.

Also, realizing that self-care days are completely acceptable definitely helped me. I didn't take them constantly, but the days I did, I would take a bath and eat my favorite foods. It always got me refreshed and back on track.



Julia: I completely agree with you on every point. Sometimes it is easy to feel guilty when acting on self-care but acting on self-care is completely necessary to stay healthy and happy. Since you just graduated this past spring, what advice would you give to college students about self-care?

Tessa: I always tell friends, family friends or any young people I meet that it's okay to be confused when you're in college. As part of taking care of yourself, you have to really let yourself just be. The pressure from the world is already enough as it is, so if you need time to figure out your major or what you really want to do, take that time. I took a year off from college and then went back when I felt more comfortable.

You have to create your own flow and go with it. Hope that all made sense! *laughs*



Julia: Absolutely! Letting yourself "just be" is a beautiful concept and you are so right, doing what works for you is an important thing to prioritize in college.  Now that you are out of college, what did you learn most about yourself during that time period and what are you most excited for in your future?

Tessa: I am beyond ecstatic to finally be finished with my undergrad degree and honestly, I learned that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to. For a long time, I really wasn't sure if I'd make it through, but now that I know I can, I'm considering going back! The future is completely up in the air for me in the best way possible. After you get past the scary, "I'm an adult now," you're free to be as creative and productive as you want to be. It's amazing. I'm beyond excited to continue creating content for places like DOY and my own personal brand!

Julia: You did it, girl! I am so happy for you and I can not wait to see you and your success shine.  


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