Feature: Grace VanderWaal

It seems to be a trend lately that the biggest breakout stars find their success coming from a past of defeat and closure. Grace VanderWaal is one who falls into the category, in a unique sense. Always having the passion for music and expression, she never let the criticism of her peers keep her from expressing her true self in her work. The push of the golden buzzer during her America’s Got Talent audition gave her the opportunity to amplify her voice, jump starting the success she’s now glowing with.

The 13 year old singer songwriter debuted herself nationally with her original song ‘I Don’t Know My Name.’ Quickly becoming a crowd pleaser, both by the AGT crowd and across the nation, her music found its way onto radio air time and other publications. Following her time on the show, Grace released her first EP, featuring both her debut and an additional single entitled ‘Clay.’

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/swTki-Klk3g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The songs that VanderWaal presents are inevitably moving. They are gentle to the ear, and soothing to the mind. Her lyrics are so elegant that there truly is no real word that captures both the whimsicalness and the power of her writing. She sings about not letting the influence or criticism of others tear her down, and about the struggles of trying to find the right place in a world that you don’t feel you completely belong in. For someone at such a young age to be producing such mature and wise art is inspiring. She breaks the stigma of the stereotypical young music star.

Grace struck a piece of my heart when her Golden Buzzer video went viral on Twitter, and I have never become a fan of someone so quickly than I did of her. Besides the incredible amount of talent she has not only as a musician but also as a lyricist, she is a genuinely good hearted person. In interviews, she lights up the entire room with her smile and her attitude. She is a gem like no other, and deserves every bit of greatness and light in her life.


Photo credit: Ashley Buenrosto