Madisen Kuhn Isn't Just a Name

Most widely known for her published poetry book, Eighteen Years, Madisen Kuhn cannot be easily summarized. A writer, a graphic design artist, a lover and a fighter, she is a storm not to be reckoned with.

    Madisen Kuhn isn’t just a name, but a brand that the 20 year old has made for herself. Revolving the internet as her platform, she has posted all forms of her art and inspiration from poetry to paintings to films. Madisen tells the stories of her love, her adventures and her struggles with anxiety, and turns them into pure gems. 

    Her main path of published art is through her poetry. Releasing her first printed book in 2015, Madisen has also shared her writing on her blog and on social media. She can easily be denoted as one of the most successful online writers, having viral Tumblr posts and being a household name - when your household is connected to any branch of social network.  

    Her eye for film and photography, in addition to her mind of creativity and elegance, is impeccable. The video journals she compiles makes the viewer not only feel that they are on the day trip with her, but also give a sense of security and satisfaction. The videos aren’t infected with mindless clips and talking, but of simplicity and beauty in plainness. 

    Madisen has an aura about herself that embraces the uniqueness of simple beauty, and radiates the brightness within her soul and mind. 

    To fill your feed with beauty and inspiration, follow Madisen on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Visit her website to collectively see her art and her life.


Header credit: Laura Supnik