Feature: Kercia Jane

"Welcome, creative! You are doing big and brave things!”

    Today’s post is a feature on Kercia Jane. On her website, she features her previous work along with the products and services that she offers. For the holiday season, she even offered holiday greeting cards and envelopes in a package. Each design was so beautiful and made me wish I knew about them sooner because they are too adorable!


    She also offers services such as creating a logo for your business and even helping you to plan out an entire strategy for your business. Her services don’t stop there, she also offers a bunch of different services such as: blog and social media templates, workbooks, product or merchandise designs and even e-course graphics! At the bottom of the list of services that she offers, she also mentions that you can contact her with any additional ideas that you may have!


    I also looked at Kercia’s previous work and everything is just so pretty. Even if you don’t use her services, just looking at her work will amaze you. Even the layout of her website is perfect!


    I also slightly stalked her social media and if her work wasn’t enough to make me love her, following her on social media sure will! She spreads such a positive message every day and spreads some much needed light in this dark world we live in. She encourages everyone to just keep creating no matter what and to find your passion. She’s basically the older sister I don’t have.


    All in all, you absolutely need to check out her website and follow her on social media. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Julianne D.