I Am That Girl: The Movement Inspiring Girls Everywhere

Having reached over five million people through over 175 local chapters and online through over 700,000 members, the I Am That Girl campaign is pretty far-reaching. Endorsed by celebrities such as Sophia Bush and Kristen Bell, it’s fair to assume that it won’t be too long before the whole world is talking about I Am That Girl. Started because of the toxic nature of current girl culture and a desire to create change, Emily Greener and Alexis Jones got together and created their movement. Now, eight years later, it’s still going strong and growing each day. 

Joining the movement is easy: on almost every page on the website, you can sign the I Am That Girl pledge. And, if you don’t identify as a female, there’s a link to an I Am That Guy pledge as well. Getting involved further is pretty easy as well, as a quick search will let you find chapters of the movement in your local communities. Once in a chapter, you’ll get to meet regularly with a group of girls and gain access to exclusive content on the IATG website. The site also boasts that those who join local chapters will gain leadership skills and work together to spread love in their local and global communities. Best of all, these chapters are peer-led, entirely by girls aged 14 to 22, no adults involved. 

For those a little older, or who want to further their involvement, there’s the opportunity to sponsor a girl. With a little over $5 a month, you can sponsor a girl, giving her a community, the opportunity to be heard, personal and professional development, and job opportunities. Of course, sponsorship is not just limited to one girl, and you can pledge to sponsor as many as you’d like. And if that’s not enough, the movement has three smaller movements that anyone can participate in. The first is one entitled #MirrorLove, as a part of GOOD Mag’s campaign with Sambazon. As girls, we spend a lot of our time looking at ourselves in the mirror criticizing and critiquing our bodies. The campaign wants to change that, by promoting small discussions with close friends, complimenting one another as the exercise builds. The challenge? Spend a minute each day looking in the mirror, and when a negative thought pops up; vocalize it with a positive one. 

The two others move hand in hand, one entitled “Words”, and the other “That Girl Rocks.” The main premise of both is that words matter, and we should be mindful of them. Not only that, but we should also use our words to lift one another up, and compliment one another. There’s a conversation starter kit available for free download on the website that focuses on the Words campaign, and can be used in a group discussion. The That Girl Rocks campaign is one of empowerment and celebrating whoever is “that girl” in your life. There’s a collection of videos of people lifting up the women and girls in their life, and you can even create your own to celebrate someone you love or admire. 

In short, I Am That Girl is taking the world by storm. It aims to uplift and empower young women around the world, just by making them realize how awesome they are already—no changes needed.