Feature: IAMRUBY

“I love myself for who I am, all that I’ve been, and all that I will become.”


Here at Dream On Youth, we use the movement #SelfWorthWednesday to empower our community and encourage our community to love themselves wholeheartedly and unabashedly. Whether its a piece of advice or a quote with just the right message, we hope to inspire our audience to love themselves more and more each day.


That is why we want to introduce you to the powerhouse that is Ruby Fremon.


Ruby, also known as IAMRUBY, is a life coach, catalyst, and ignitor. Through a variety of approaches, Ruby helps women around the world reach their full potential in their journey towards self-love.


Ruby began her own journey towards self-love in 2012. After hitting some rough patches in life, she believed that negative things were just drawn to her. Then, one day, it hit her. Negative things weren’t drawn to her, she was making the choice to let those negative things happen to her.


Why would she choose to let these negative things happen to her, you might ask? Because she felt that that was what she was worth. Although she complained and endured the pain caused by these negative influences, she continued to attract this negativity. Ruby notes that it was her own internal way of thinking that caused her to accept this negative sense of self-worth. 


Once she recognized the problem, she knew she had to make a change. In the past, she was unaware of the fact that she didn’t have self-love because it was never something that she worked on or focused her attention on. So step by step, she started distancing herself from the negativity that she was so used to letting in and started working on attracting positivity. She began a journey that would allow her to love herself in the most wonderful way possible. She began a blog to document her experience and soon after, she started getting messages from people who were inspired by her journey.


Today, Ruby is a life coach with a passion for helping individuals succeed on their own self-love journey. Through her website, Ruby offers a variety of coaching programs that give individuals a chance to reach their own desire for self-love. Whether you prefer one-on-one sessions or meeting in groups, Ruby has a program that will fit your needs.


Although still on the journey herself, she wants self-love to be a topic that people aren’t afraid to talk about. A topic that will allow people to encourage and strengthen each other. One that will allow us to get through this together.


Interested in following Ruby on her journey or ready to start your own journey towards self-love? You can find her through her website, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Header credit: Ruby Fremon