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    Human emotion surpasses the Marianas Trench in depth: we will always find ourselves diving deeper and deeper to explore the inner workings of our minds and souls. Rarely, do we have the ability to look at these feelings head on and confront them with our eyes rather than looking inward. One way to achieve this is through art- and that's where Arielle Austin finds her purpose.

    Based out of Austin, Texas, her current collection "Soul Food", captures that southern concept of comfort food and displays it in a way that makes one feel as though they're seeing the plated dish as it is served while also the crumbed leftovers as it finds its way to the kitchen sink. There is a mix of what is, what will be, and what falls everywhere in between, which is a consistent theme throughout all of her work. These pieces in particular stand out to me, because of the hope and warmth that permeates: it's an homage to self-love. 

Sweet Tea  (Acrylic on 11" x 14" paper)

Sweet Tea (Acrylic on 11" x 14" paper)

    The abstract style in which she paints, invites the viewer to push beyond the big picture and to break the image apart, exploring the layered and textured way each piece is constructed. Austin is no stranger to depression, and has at many times in her career questioned if the path she has set out on is something she could continue with, and that sentiment is hinted at in a lot of her work. What strikes me most though, is this subtle overtone of hope and perseverance that makes her art relatable. It is familiar, but it also throws you out of your comfort zone and pulls you in.

Honest Intention (1)

Honest Intention (1)


    To enjoy more of Arielle Austin's work you can visit her website, or find her on Instagram and Facebook


Image credit: Arielle Austin


Sweet Tea

Honest Intention (1)