Feature: Estée Lalonde

At 25 years old, Estée Lalonde has made quite a name for herself in the YouTube community.


    Canada-raised and London-based, Estée Lalonde is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle YouTuber with over 1.1 million subscribers. On her channel, viewers can find weekly videos ranging from monthly favorites and makeup routines to food recipes and life talks. Aside from her main channel, viewers can also follow Estée’s more personal channel, Everyday Estée, where she features her Greyhound, Reggie, and her partner in crime, Aslan. According to her channel, they “love going for walks in the park, traveling, finding knick-knacks in markets and let’s not forget about the food!”

    After moving Canada to London, Estée found herself to be very lonely since she didn’t know many people who lived in this new country. Taking her passion for all things beauty, she began a YouTube channel in hopes of finding a community that shared her interests. She created the channel known as Essiebutton, which was a combination of nicknames from friends and family. Here, she was able to post videos discussing all things beauty and fashion.


    Fast-forward about five years later, Estée was still posting beauty and fashion videos under the name Essiebutton. However, like some other popular YouTubers, the spark that was once present in her videos seemed to be dimming. In late August 2015, Estée took her subscribers by surprise when she began changing her social media handles to her real name, Estée Lalonde, instead of the name they had come to know and love. 

    Following this change, Estée upload a video titled “Let’s Meet Again” in order to give her subscribers her reason for the change. In the video, she notes that after creating beauty videos for such a long period of time, she began to feel stagnant. She felt as if she was uploading the same videos over and over again, which went against her strive to try new things. With a desire to branch out into new topics along with her usual beauty videos, Estée realized that it was time to rebrand her channel in a way that made it more personal. By using her full name, Estée Lalonde, she felt like she was finally able to show viewers a full representation of who she is as a person. It would allow her to delve into other new topics that she was passionate about, such as food. She would also have the freedom to casually talk about topics that were impacting her everyday life.


    Following the rebrand, Estée Lalonde is more popular than ever. Viewers are able to relate to this new layout in ways that go beyond just beauty and fashion. Later this year, Estée will also be releasing a book, titled Bloom, which will allow readers to get a further look into who she really is. When explaining the concept of the book, she notes that she has treated it like a diary or a scrapbook. The book goes through events in her life that have helped her become the person she is today.

You can check out Estée on her website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Header Credit: Estée Lalonde