You're Invited to Encounter!

Black creatives, have you been looking for a one of a kind event? We're talking virtual reality experiences, yoga, mastermind sessions, and creating lifelong connections with the coolest of the cool! Yes, an event like this exists.

Welcome to Encounter Mountain Retreat taking place in SoCal.

to Encounter Mountain Retreat taking place in SoCal, August 2017.

    Organizers Kareem Taylor and Shanelle Williams created this transformative weekend with the black professional in mind. As Harvard Business Review reported, our long work hours and our addiction to our digital devices (back away from the phone, friend...) cause extra stress on our bodies. We're so worried about making X amount of dollars because she makes that. We're so worried about taking care of everything to the point we burnout, more than usual, because that's how we were raised. I find myself glued to my phone even after work trying to catch up on the latest gossip or news or life hacks, when I should be meditating or cooking or sleeping. But, what if detoxed for a few days? Could we actually become less tied to our jobs and more in tune with our happiness?
    Shanelle told us, "being an adult is tough. Once you graduate and get in the real world, there is no milestone. Life just keeps going. Our retreat is a chance to stop, unplug, and rejoice with others!"
    How freaking good does that sound? And, that's not it! The experience begins the moment you check in with a great, big welcome and dinner. Trust us, you'll need some nourishment before the going gets good.

    You'll spend the weekend in a cabin, bunk-bed style, and eat fresh food from an executive chef who is just steps away from your room. As in, you do not have to leave the cabin to eat. If you're more into sipping and soaking in the tea, like me, that Friday you'll love the talk over tea sponsored by The Tea Spot at 10 pm. Saturday, wake up bright and early to do flow yoga led by Francise Fernandez. Head off to discuss what you believe with Dr. Nandi Shareef around noon and then prep yourself for 90's groove fitness. Let me repeat: 90's groove fitness. And, just when you thought Saturday couldn't get any better (to be honest, we're leaving A LOT of stuff out), there's a talent show.  Sunday, free your mind and find out how to stay woke with a virtual reality session. Take all my money, Encounter! I am obsessed with this retreat already.

    But friends, this is the first and only time it's going to happen so I need you to mark your calendars for August 25th-27th, 2017! We're 99.9% sure this was made for y-o-u and you cannot afford to miss this!

    You can get your ticket over here before they sell out and then join their Instagram community. Oh, connect with Encounter on Twitter and Facebook too. Yeah, we're shamelessly plugging them because this event is about to be that good!