Do It Yourself: Destress

If you’re a student like me, facing exams and non-stop studying, you may relate with the statement that you feel like your mind and heart have never been more preoccupied before. If you’re an independent entrepreneur, you may relate with the statement that you feel your mind and heart have never been more preoccupied before. If you’re a person experiencing life, you may relate with the statement that you feel like your mind and heart have never been more preoccupied before.

    There has never been a time where life has simply handed someone the easy way through without any battles fought or assignments completed. Whether it be learning to ride a bike or raising a child, success comes from enduring failure and learning to move on from it. Every heart deserves to feel their potential to achieve, and being held back from darkness overtaking the mind should not qualify as an exception. When our minds become too loud, destressing is the only way to turn.  In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, you may want to bookmark some of these tips in order to keep yourself going when the rest of the world is telling you to stop.

Start a journal.

    Putting pen to paper and opening our mind away from stress and clutter is perhaps the most therapeutic form of self relief. Writing to drawing, poems to doodles, any sense of relief on paper can be effective. Being vulnerable for yourself could create some of the most beautifully pure ideas.

Build a cozy bedroom.

    The relief of walking through the front door and being able to stay in is something so powerful that it could almost be compared to the smell of cookies baking in the oven. To put all folders out of sight, and to remove any hints of work. By having that one place of easy access to come home to and breathe in keeps a promise of safety.

Create art.

    The most common response from any artist behind their work is that it expresses how they were feeling in that exact moment. Even if the piece is inspired by something you scrolled by on Tumblr, your effort into the piece will dim the loudness that rattles in your mind, and will make you feel lighter. Art is one of the few things that can be interpreted and approached in an endless amount of ways, so take advantage of it.

Find a place of serenity.

    Sometimes, all we need is an escape route. Living five minutes from miles upon miles of beach is one of the most prominent factors that makes me appreciate where I live, because being able to get in my car, roll my windows down, blast music and simply drive down the stretch is so freeing. Having a go to place, like a cozy coffee shop or open field a few towns over, when you feel suffocated is essential to being able to hide what you’re battling, even if it is only temporary.

Come in tune with nature.

    There is nothing more pure and free than the open air. Walk the trail that runs parallel to your neighborhood. Visit a local park. If we want our minds to be free, channeling the most liberating aspect of life may just be the key. 

Talk to someone.

    When you find that everywhere you turn only proposes negativity, turn to your person. That person who is always there. The one who may live next door or may live hundreds of miles away. Being able to pour your heart, and tears, out to someone and just have them listen may be the ultimate relief. Sometimes the only way to free our mind is to let the thoughts fall out of our mouths. There’s no need to hide from the realities we’re facing, and by having that someone to face them with, everything seems just a bit easier.