Dear Mental Health Warrior: The World Needs You

Dear Warrior,

You are truth.

Because the truth is that the more we practice honesty the more we see our reflections in each other.

Not necessarily a duplicate image, but one with similarities nonetheless.

Truth is, the world would be incomplete without your unique touch.

Therefore, it’d be undone without YOU.

Undone without your smile.

Your eyes, your mind, perspective, talents, and passion.

Many of us are functioning at different levels and all need community.

I see you, join you in validating your experience, and am advocating (alongside you) to reclaim your mental health, consistently.

For those who love what you do, but need a break: take it, reset, check in with yourself, and continue killing the game.    

For those who hate what you do so you need a break: take it, reset, check in with yourself and village, brainstorm, and go forth.

For those who don’t know what you want to do, and are struggling to figure it out: focus on your visions, your ideas/solutions to problems, and things that bring you joy.

Start there, commune with fellow visionaries, and remain open to the answers that come your way.

In spite of how it seems, you are not alone.

Speaking up and out loud about your mental health keeps everyone informed.

This is the first step towards prioritizing wellness.

Start and once you start, don’t stop. You’re closer than you think.

Holistic wellness is near in sight and you, warrior, should be proud of you.

I know I am.

Samantha V. Richards