The Power of Beyoncé

Less than 8 hours ago, Beyoncé did one of the things she does best. Dropped a whole live album on us!

This is only a week and a half after Netflix, aka BEYFLIX, released a teaser that just says “Homecoming.” Needless to say, you can see from the reactions on April 7th below. Everyone’s guess was that the queen was releasing something in honor of 1 year of #Beychella.


But, who could have foreseen an entire live album drop?

See, Beyoncé is known for dropping surprises on us. Consistently snatching every wig and edge in sight. Let’s not forget December 13, 2013 when she dropped her self-titled album with no announcements, no promotion. I mean, I honestly can’t forget it because I was basically screaming and then I watched Crissles’ reaction in this video.

No ma’am, I can’t ever let that go. Best reaction ever. Plus, that’s how a lot of us felt.

So, how does the Queen do it?

There’s no need to play guessing games. Beyoncé has done a documentary titled “Life Is But a Dream” where she shows us archived footage of her career journey, her private life, and reflects on everything she’s gone through. In “Homecoming”, I can only assume it is one in the same. A look into how #Beychella came to be, some more insight into her life, and why we’re still talking about all of this a year later.

As a courtesy for those who haven’t watched the film yet, no spoilers!

A lot of people will roll their eyes at the millions and millions of fans screaming over Beyoncé being Beyoncé. She has always made her career about giving back, highlighting other artists, and bringing her family along the journey. She was big deal when she was in Destiny’s Child and she’s continued to elevate herself and her friends so they can be big deals too.

But, she also does a great job at reminding her fans that her life isn’t perfect and she’s still human.

Beyoncé still has to go through heartbreak, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or infidelity. She still has a vision for her projects and she will be the hardest working person in the room. She likes to laugh, have fun, and she sometimes needs a vacation too.

While she’s very much in the public eye, she tries to keep her family life private unless she has control of how the story will be released. Let’s not forget when “Lemonade” dropped and the whole world was pissed that Jay-Z could ever even think of doing that to Bey. Or, how many people were uncomfortable with how unapologetically black the new album was.

I may have smiled a lot at the clutching of invisible pearls from those same people. Quietly sitting in my apartment like “you thought!!!” Okay, I did. I regret nothing. And yes, I own the yellow vinyl record, the film, and the whole album. I stan “Lemonade” and the poetry of it all.

People have a lot to say about Beyoncé and that could deter anyone if they were in the same boat. However, she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down to please you. She isn’t afraid to say no to that project, that appearance, that awards show. She isn’t afraid to essentially drop off the face of the earth for a bit to get some rest and relaxation, or to heal and celebrate with her family.

The power of Beyoncé isn’t some magic potion. It’s the fact that she keeps going in spite of the naysayers, haters, critics, and anyone else who thinks she should stay in one lane. Although I do think black Texan women got some juice that nobody can touch. Shoutout to Deun Ivory, Beyoncé’s sister Solange, and well, myself. Yeah, I said it. #selfworthwednesday

Beyoncé is a multi-faceted woman with a multitude of passions. Staying in her lane means creating new ones like surprise album drops and, one more time for the eye-rollers, BEYCHELLA. Breaking brick walls and being the first black woman to do things we only ever dreamed of. In fact, iHeart Radio has a whole list of how Bey broke records. You can read this article by Isha Thorpe.

The power of Beyoncé is that she is unapologetically herself. Elevating and thriving.