Artist To Watch: Bailey Jehl

Bailey Jehl is an up and coming indie artist, and her newest EP will make you question why she isn’t already played by every radio station.

    Quicksand features five masterpieces to listen to. Each of the five songs tells its own story, from chasing love and finding yourself. The EP is sonically cohesive and beautifully comforting to the ear. The songs range from piano based ballads to soft technologic sounding bases.

    Her style of music is comparable to what you could imagine a mashup of Jhene Aiko and Hailee Steinfeld to be. In other words, incredible. Her voice is mellow and soothing, and the songs themselves match perfectly to sitting on the beach, watching an autumn sunset. Although the EP doesn’t feature one particular song that could fall under the “you can’t not dance to this” genre, every piece brings such an upbeat mood to your spirit when listening.

    The most significant aspect of Bailey’s music, however, are the power of the lyrics. “You guide my heart, it's in your hands; they're sinking down, into quicksand. You grab my heart, it's in your hands; they're sinking down, into quicksand,” line the single “Quicksand”, representing the hands of love of someone saving her from falling deeper into the hole, whether it had been of darkness or otherwise. “Green and Blue” in it’s entirety is my favorite song from the album, truly due to its symbolism and ways of describing the wonders of the world.

    Bailey has also worked with Silver Trees earlier in her career, being featured on the Paper Hearts EP. Her debut EP, Suspension, has a similar vibe of calm and acoustic. You can find Bailey and the Quicksand EP on Spotify and her covers on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Bailey Jehl