Review: A Song of Bravery

At 19 years old, Gaby Compres has already accomplished so much. Currently still studying at school in the Dominican Republic she published her first collection in March 2015, A Song of Bravery. Compres had begun writing in 2014. Within the poetry collection, you can feel and see the reason behind each one. Compres wrote about her feelings, friends, letters to herself, and more. She writes this is collection with a goal. She hopes to share what she has to say.

    In the first section of “A Song of Bravery”, Gaby Compres writes her prayers to God. She begins with a poem of questioning and wanting to know more of how God thinks and works. Throughout this section, she goes through different stages in her relationship with God, each time the bond gets stronger. Yet still admitting that at times there are days of doubt and shame. Compres strips into her most vulnerable self within this section. One of the most powerful things stated is within the last line of this section, it reads i am completely loved. This line shows that Compres has accepted it all and understands that no matter what she does, whether wrong or right, she will always be loved by God.

    Songs for You is the next section in her collection. Compres connects with her audience by writing poems for certain people. You can see her connect with writing for a deeper purpose. It has no longer become only about herself but her friends, her audience. She writes each poem with intention and honestly speaking, many of these poems are something that you just need to hear. You’ll have a “I really needed this right now” type of moment when reading this.

    Compres writes the next section with that same intention and purpose. In Songs From My Heart, she writes poems that may be what she wants to hear or what she wants others to know. She continuously writes from her vulnerability. Within the poems, Compres writes of joy, love, and more. She no longer validates herself or others. She writes from a place of love and wants to share it, wants to watch it spread.

    The very last section is “A Song of Bravery”. This last section and poem is a declaration of no longer being afraid. In this way Gaby Compres shows you that she will write with her soul, constantly bring life to her words.

    In “A Song of Bravery” by Gaby Compres one theme rings true. She wants the words she writes to be a part of each person in her audience. She wants her readers to be encouraged, believe, feel loved, and more. But most of all, Compres wants to make her readers brave.



Photo credit: Gaby Compres