Artists to Watch

So, I’ll confess, with no shame at all: I’m a music junkie. I don’t particularly have one favorite artist or one favorite genre, but I do know that music in itself is a favorite of mine.

    I recently found the Discover Weekly playlist that Spotify generates specific to each user’s profile to introduce the listener to music they think they would like, and my weekly playlists have most definitely taken me down a turn for the better. It led me to some artists who quickly became ones that I listen to frequently, as well as some renditions of my favorite songs.

Bea Miller: Pop/Rock

    Bea has already made a fairly large start for herself, being a contestant on The X Factor in 2012. The singer, originally from New Jersey (homegirl represent), uses her songs to tell stories, write about life ideals, and empower her listeners. Her most recent song, Yes Girl, brings attention to the fact that girls are not accessories or tools for their partners to step on.

Nat & Alex Wolff: Rock/Indie

    Yes, these are the brothers from The Naked Brothers Band, but no, they don’t sing about banana milkshakes anymore - even though that song was a jam. They’ve grown up majorly, and you most likely have heard their song “Look Outside,” which was featured in the Paper Towns film.

Ruth B: Indie/Pop

    Recently debuting on there radio with her single Lost Boy, Ruth B is a singer songwriter from Canada. She was nominated for a Teen Choice Award this year as a ‘next big thing’ contender. Originally starting on Vine by posting covers of songs, Ruth B has grown incredibly fast and successful over the past few years.

Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness: Pop/Indie

    You may also recognize his voice from his self titled production, as well as Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate. Andrew holds an inspiring story on his back, being a survivor of cancer and a childhood of difficulty. He is also the founder of the Dear Jack Foundation, and Love Hope Strength, both organizations that support fighters of cancer. Take a listen.

Young Rising Sons: Rock/Indie

    Based in the town right next to my hometown in NJ, Young Rising Sons is a band most well known for their single High. They opened The 1975’s tor back in 2014, and since have gone on their own headlining tour across the US. Personally, they're one of my favorite bands, and the members are incredible down to earth. It also doesn’t hurt that I run into them on a near to monthly basis at Target or the mall. It’s fine.



Photo Credit: Steven Estes