Review: Alice Smith

Alice Smith is an American singer-songwriter. Smith's genre is a range of rock, R&B and soul as well as jazz and blues. I was lucky enough to see her perform on October 12th 2017 at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts for a class assignment. When I arrived to the concert, I was not expecting to see anything that amazed me as much as she did. Smith's stage presence was like no other. She was confident and sexy, as a fellow artist it was inspiring to watch her sing. It was inspiring because she owned the stage, captivated the audience and knew it.

When she began to sing I immediately thought of Nina Simone and Celine Dion. The vocal tone so crisp and unique. It made me smile to hear her sing because you could hear every emotion in her voice and see what she felt in her body language. She was fierce. Another thing I loved about her emotional release was that at one point in the show Alice faced her back to the audience and screamed a little in the middle of the song. The song she was singing was an angry one and her scream was very haunting but fit perfectly in the performance. The way she worked with her band, 2 guitarists and a drummer was great to watch. One could see that they were so proud of each other throughout the whole show. Alice would smile at each of them and they would smile back with such genuine sincerity. 

My favorite song of the night was her cover of Cee Lo Greene's, Fool For You which she put on her 2013 album, She. Alice's vocals were truly incredible. She went for it in making that song her own, she dynamically changed it up and did really interesting riffs, I loved it. It was not as laid back as Cee Lo's version. Throughout the show, Alice Smith showed that the feelings of heartbreak and love are hard to be honest with but once you are honest with how you feel, great things can come out of it.

Alice performed some original songs from the album she is currently working on. They had a very rock feel to them and I wish I knew the titles of the songs she performed. I started following her on social media and am looking forward to posts about upcoming releases and shows. If she ever performs in Boston again, I hope I get to see her!

She also portrayed such womanly power, in a tight black dress and red lipstick. She looked so beautiful and strong. Alice's confidence rang far and wide the second she came out on stage. Girl knows her voice is her super power. I have such respect for her.

I am adding Alice Smith to my list of inspirational artists because when I watched her perform she made me determined to better my own craft and to hold confidence close to my heart, especially when I am singing. Alice Smith's persona screamed "I believe in me, so you should believe in me too" and that is so important to show others because I think it can help them believe in themselves too. She certainly fueled my fire to believe in myself. Alice Smith is a very dedicated, hard working woman and the music industry is lucky to have a performer like her.


Julia Hughes