Paramore's Latest & Greatest: After Laughter

    So, there's no hiding it. My middle school years were filled with black hoodies and angst. (To be completely honest, some of my wardrobe has still stayed the same. My mood, however, has lightened up.) Paramore has been a band that I have been following before everyone declared Misery Business as their favorite song to play on Rock Band, and even though they went on a hiatus for a hot second, their newest album that released on 5/12 is yet again a masterpiece. The sound has a bit more of an 80's disco ring, but nevertheless, the band has made another collection of great music. 

    Hard Times, the debut single from the album, was released just two weeks prior to the album release date being announced. The song shocked long time fans due to the more pop sound that it had. The song has a deep meaning, despite its fun and upbeat vibes. It gives perspective of going through troubles and not knowing where you may lead next, if it is worse or better. Paramore takes a risk by having such a jump around in your bedroom and scream sing song have a darker meaning, but articulate it wonderfully. 

    Other tracks on the album, like Fake Happy and 26, also address darker times and realities in life. These songs reflect those of their earlier album Brand New Eyes, with a more whimsical and light tone and features acoustic instruments. Both of the tracks tell stories of doubt and building an unrealistic scenario in order to stray away from the true pain and troubles that are to be faced. 26 includes the repeated mantra, "Hold onto hope if you got it, don't let it go for nobody," concluding the story to never end in defeat. 

    The overall tone of After Laughter is starting new, both in the sound of the music and in the lives of the band. Through the years, losses and victories have scattered across the table for the band members, and this album seems to be significant of moving on from the past. 

    Listen to After Laughter on Spotify here, and connect with my middle school self. (I know, I know - it's still my present self who's even more excited than my middle school self.)