Unbreakable Resilience

For many of us when we experience a setback or failure, it’s easier to dwell in the “why me” frame of mind, entertain the “what if’s” and lose heart for the original goal at hand. In order to be resilient, one must have the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and, as such, the ability to spring back into shape. To maintain a resilient attitude towards life, you must be steadfast in order to change your mindset and realign your vision.

These three hacks below can help you achieve the quality of resilience:

1. Resilience can only grow through adversity

Resilience isn’t the ability to stand and resist all flying swords and flaming arrows of life; it’s the power and speed to which we respond. You get to decide if it is something that will stop you in your tracks or if you will frame it as an adversity that offers an opportunity to learn and grow. You can't sit back and “marinate” in the past. We can only learn what works by experiencing what doesn’t work. You must grant yourself the freedom to learn and the opportunity to try again.

When you are at peace with the ups-and-downs of life, always knowing that there will be some challenges, you are gaining more control over how you feel and think. Your tolerance for adversity will increase because you are focused more on a solution than on the presence of your setbacks. 

2. Take responsibility for your feelings

Blaming is easy. It takes a weight off your shoulders, it eases the disappointment and it creates excuses, but it doesn’t build mental resilience. You need to learn how to take responsibility for your feelings. A situation only has the meaning you give it. For every negative or difficult event that happens to you, reframe the meaning that you give it in your life. The circumstance itself has no power over you, but your response to it does. 

See yourself as the one in charge of your own fate and seize that opportunity. Even during difficult times, by deliberately choosing the meaning you give to those moments and the power they have over you, you can build resilience and thrive.

3. Discover the lesson

The truth is, we all have setbacks. Every single one of us with no exception. Allow yourself a little breathing room when adversity hits. Catch your breath, wipe off your knees, and come back swinging. Everything that happens in our life is an opportunity for growth. If we allow every life event to shape us in a positive way, we will gain something. 

When we frame adversity as an opportunity to learn something about ourselves, it gives meaning to the suffering. This allows us to put the suffering in context and no longer feel that our challenges are pointless.


In conclusion, grant yourself the opportunity to learn and grow. Be steadfast in taking responsibility for your feelings and thoughts and don’t allow the negativity or excuses to steal your momentum of reaching your goals. When you discover the lesson in your objectives, you can only become wiser in your self-awareness and fortify your hunger to succeed.

In simpler words, don’t give up. You may not be where you want to be today, but if you remain resilient, your future will only thank you. 


Image Credit: Demetrius Washington

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