A Perspective on Perfection

Perfection is something that I have been struggling with for years. I have been working to change my mindset on perfection around academics, body image, and more. Here are a few tips that I have implemented in my own life to improve my perspective.


One of the things I have learned when it comes to perfection is that you have to let things go. Don't let something get to your head and mess with your mind. Learn to brush things off when something goes wrong.

One way to learn how to let go is to practice meditation. Apps like Headspace and Insight Timer have many meditation recordings to help you be more mindful. Meditation helps you focus and recenter your thoughts to the present.

Another way to learn to let go is to redirect your thoughts. When you thing something negative, acknowledge it, and let it pass.


In life, it's important to understand that you will fail. It's going to happen. You're going to have a lot more mistakes than wins, so it's important to learn how to deal with them.

Again, it's all about focusing on the positive and realizing that you can always try again. Besides, it's not the end of the world. Remember that. 

Remember that "when one door closes, another door opens". So even if one opportunity is gone, stay positive and something else will come for you.


It's not all about #hustle anymore. You need to focus on taking care of yourself before you can ever succeed. By staying healthy (eating right, exercising, getting sleep), you'll be better off in the long run.

Self-care is just as important as work, so remember to give yourself time to take a break. That doesn't mean that you have to go on a two week vacation to the Bahamas - self-care could be as simple as taking a nap in your apartment or going for a nice walk.


Understand that, in order to let go of perfection, you need to love yourself as a whole, flaws and all. 

Self-love and perfection go hand in hand. Once you love yourself and feel confident, you won't have to worry about achieving perfection because you know that you can only do your best and that's it.


Photo Credit: Teddy Kelley

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