Mental Health in Hollywood

We, as a community, constantly rely on people in the bigger picture for inspiration. We see what they are doing, and what they have gone through, and use their strength as motivation. It is not that we undermine the strength of our neighborhood heroes, but the matter that often times, they are unsung. Using the vulnerability of stars for our own dependency brings courage to us, but can often times be toxic on the other end.



Economic stability is a huge issue that many people struggle with, and unfortunately, roots many of the other problems dealt with. It is hard to think that a celebrity with such a high networth could possibly have as hard of a life as the woman trying to raise her kids on her own and balance two jobs, yet, it is all based on perspective. Having money in the bank does not protect someone from every other obstacle that life has to offer. Projected lifestyle does not equate to happiness.


When a star has a breakthrough, whether it be a relapse in a drug addiction, or a picture that shows off the results of their eating disorder, tabloids and media eat their situations alive. They write about their downfall, and how they hope they recover; and then, three days later, they’ve moved on. The Hollywood atmosphere forgets to recognize that mental health is not only prevalent when someone breaks. Just because a star has not posted on their Instagram about their battle with depression does not mean that they are not facing darkness daily. Someone can still have the time of their life on stage every single night, just to get off stage and feel numb to everything else.


With the immense pressure of perfection on celebrities sitting on their shoulders at all times, it can presumably be excruciating to go through anything privately. When the average person experiences a life changing event, it is easy to keep the news within a small circle. The risk of sharing such news in a spotlight is much higher, as malintentions often come into play by those who were once trustworthy.


The idea that celebrities live two different lives is not to propose that they are ingenuine, but to emphasize the struggle they face to keep a balance of normalcy and stardom behind the doors.


Chelsea Triano