Reframing Negatives into Positives

With every situation you go through, you can choose to see either the positive or negative side of things. It can be difficult to overcome, but I know from personal experience that it's possible to change your mindset permanently. Here are some tips on overcoming your negative thought patterns.


It can be pretty easy to react to something and say one thing when in reality, there's another side to the story that completes the picture.

Remember that things aren't always black and white. There's usually a "gray" side to things that makes up the rest of the story.

When you're in the moment, take a step back mentally and think about the big picture. Don't jump to conclusions too quickly!


Pessimism is something that I struggle with. It's so easy to just think negatively, instead of looking at the brighter side of things.

This is my biggest issue with my mindset. I tend to see the negative side of things instead of looking at the positive instead.

To fix this, try to see the positive side of things. Every stressful or negative event you go through is a test of your strength and bravery. Every long wait in line is a chance to connect with others around you. 

Transform your thoughts from negative to positive!


Sometimes, it's better to let things go and be happy rather than be right. Don't mess up your relationships just because you want to be the winner in the end.

This way of "being right" can get you to think negatively because you are always focused on winning the argument versus thinking about the other person.

In a moment like this, just let it go instead and eventually you'll be less stubborn.


Have you ever been called "sensitive"? That's me!

I have a tendency to take comments too personally and get upset because of them. What I've learned is that usually these comments are not personal, and the people saying these comments are just trying to help me out by giving me constructive criticism.

Know that it's usually not personal, and if it is advice, they are giving it out so you can improve. (If it's a mean comment, just ignore them! They are not worth your energy or time.)


I hope these tips help you and show that you can learn to be a more positive and happy person!


Photo Credit: Lê Tân

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