Knowing How to Market Yourself

Whether you're someone who works at a desk or has their own business, marketing yourself is important in order to stay relevant and continue growing.

If you do it correctly, it won't be seen as sleazy. Instead, you'll be seen as an authority in your field and seem more credible to others.

According to Wikipedia, marketing is "the study and management of exchange relationships. Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer." Marketing is a tool to help you keep customers coming back for more and making new clients! Even if you're in a 9-to-5, networking and marketing are still important as it could lead to opportunities in the future.

In this post, I'm going to show you some of the different types of digital marketing and a few ways to promote yourself for each type of marketing strategy.

Benefits of Marketing

There are many benefits when it comes to marketing yourself (whether you work in a 9-to-5 or have your own business) including the following:

  1. Forming relationships
  2. Developing visibility and brand awareness
  3. Positioning yourself as an expert
  4. Generating traffic to your website (if you have one)

Different Types of Marketing Strategies

There are dozens of different marketing strategies, but here I'm going to cover the ones that I personally know and have used.

Content Marketing

Ever read an article online, watch a video, or listen to a podcast? That's content marketing. The whole purpose of content marketing is to educate and inspire potential customers.

It's not a direct money-making strategy, but it is a way to funnel in potential customers to your email list and eventually to your products and services. In short, it is an excellent approach that allows you to show your expertise and connect with others online.

Lots of businesses partake in content marketing through their own blogs (e.g. Kraft Foods) and YouTube channels (e.g. Good Housekeeping) in order to reach out to potential customers 

Ways to do content marketing:

  1. Write a blog post 
  2. Publish a Youtube video
  3. Make a podcast episode

With these strategies, make sure you create something that your audience is searching for! You're just wasting your time if you publish something that is not popular.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential nowadays. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are amazing ways to connect with your target audience and engage with them more effectively. By curating content for your audience, you can grow a large following that may potentially become customers.

Need an example? Think of Netflix. Their Twitter and Instagram accounts appeal to the fun millennial. They connect with their target audience by posting memes and jokes about their shows, and more; Netflix definitely understands what their market wants and they definitely deliver!

Ways to do social media marketing:

  1. Twitter: Start promoting your content and engage with other influencers by replying to their tweets. Remember to use hashtags!
  2. Instagram: Use hashtags that appeal to your target audience to have the right people discover your profile. Make sure your images appeal to your audience! Engage with similar accounts in your niche.
  3. Facebook: Post a mixture of your content and other people's content each day. Play around with what your audience likes and see which posts do better than others. Consider doing Facebook ads.
  4. Pinterest: Start pinning a mixture of other people's content and your own content. Either use a scheduler (like Tailwind) or manually pin each day. Make sure your boards are what your target audience would search for. Use keywords in your pin descriptions!

Email Marketing

Have you ever given up your email address in exchange for a freebie, like a free email course or an ebook? Then you just signed up for someone's email list. Usually, you get a weekly or monthly email from that influencer where they'll show their expertise and maybe even pitch their products or services. That is email marketing.

Email marketing is an amazing way to both market yourself while also connecting with your audience.

It's a better return on your investment since:

  1. You stand out in your audience's inbox. You have no one to compete with. With content marketing, like blogging and vlogging, you're competing with thousands of other people for traffic and social media shares. Email is more personal.
  2. It's inexpensive. Email marketing platforms such as Mailerlite (my personal fave) and Mailchimp are free up to a certain number of subscribers, so there are no upfront costs. It just requires some of your time to set it all up.

Here are a few ways to get started with this:

  1. Start sending out a weekly newsletter. You can promote your blog posts, services, products, etc.
  2. To get subscribers, start guest posting on other websites that have a similar target audience to yours. In your author bio, add a link to one of your freebies so people can sign up for your email list

Affiliate Marketing

Disclaimer: This marketing is more for bloggers and vloggers who already have a dedicated audience, but it's still good to know for anyone interested in owning a business.

The basics of affiliate marketing are that you promote a product with a special link, and if someone buys through your link, then you earn a commission off of that. It could a base fee, for example, $5 per purchase or a percentage, like 15%.

I've personally used affiliate marketing with great success having already earned my first commission online! It's a great way to make passive income with little work.

There are many popular affiliate programs and networks like Amazon Associates, Shareasale, CJ Publishers, and tons more! It's free to join. All this takes is time upfront.

Ways to do this:

  1. Write a review post of a product
  2. Create a Youtube video and link to the affiliate product in the description
  3. Have a resources page linking to all your favorite products, including your affiliates (ex. Meera Kothand's resource page

Remember to promote all of your content on social media!

Outbound Marketing

This type of marketing is really good for freelancers who need to find clients. Outbound marketing is about finding potential customers and pitching to them yourself.

Instead of attracting your target audience with your content, you would contact them directly and offer them your services.

This type of marketing is good for freelancers who want to work with brick-and-mortar businesses.

Ways to do outbound marketing:

  1. Start researching potential clients in your niche. Email them a strong pitch, offering your services. 
  2. Start attending trade shows to promote yourself.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is basically another name for content marketing where you create content to attract your target audience to your website through blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, social media posts, and more.

Because I have basically covered this already, here are a few new ways to do inbound marketing:

  1. Think about what keywords your target audience would search for in Google. When you write your content, make sure to incorporate related keywords into your posts so your audience finds them.
  2. When you publish a blog post, video, or podcast, don't just stop there. Make sure to promote it on social media!


Overall, marketing yourself is a great way to grow professionally. If you don't use any of these marketing strategies, you're missing out on potential customers and clients!


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