FEATURE: Madisen Kuhn

Being someone who has an immense love for poetry, despite my recent lack of connection with the art, I am always eager to find new artists who write prose and beautiful, raw words. When I stumbled upon one particular writer, I had not initially followed her for her writing, but for her aesthetic. Her name is Madisen Kuhn.

Madisen is a Virginia based writer, finding her place in and out of the loving city of Philadelphia. At the young age of 22, she already has two published collections, both of which can be found in large bookstores like Barnes and Noble. Her poetry varies in topics, but typically discusses those of love, both in relationships and in self, sexuality, mental illness, and self discovery. One of her greatest mantras in her writing, and reputation as a whole, is to practice self care. 

She began her writing journey in blog form, and eventually persuaded herself to publicize her poetry, something that most writers agree to be the equivalent of wearing your heart on your sleeve and then proceeding to put it under a magnifying glass and projecting it onto a large screen. Inspired by the immense applause she was receiving online, she self published her first collection of poetry, catching the attention of the publisher who later signed for her most recent publishing.

What struck me the most about Madisen was not just the intensity of her writing, but of her radiant personality. She is bright and bubbly, yet is not afraid to be vulnerable when she is facing darker days. Being open with her battle of mental illness on social media, she strives to make more who have the same feat realize that it is okay to embrace the days where it just simply is unrealistic to try to make something so low into something so high. She is genuine online, making punny remarks and snarky comments, but also isn’t afraid to turn the corner and discuss serious topics. It takes a special kind of person to do so in a great manner, and she has perfected it.

Madisen is a writer second, but a genuine being first. She puts her full heart into everything that she says, writes, and does. She is the type of person that no matter the professional title she wears, she is valuable to our society. Please take the time to get to know Madisen more by visiting her website, Twitter, or Instagram, and be sure to consider buying one of her books. It will all be worth it.


Chelsea Triano