Men Who Blog: The Revolution

It’s inevitable. Women power blows away the blogging world, taking on different perspectives of lifestyles, diets, races, religions, and everything in between that makes one woman’s strength incredibly unique from the next. It is an easy to access platform where women are able to plant their feet in the ground, and grow as a personal brand, defining the ideas of boss ladies and independent women (not trademarked by Destiny’s Child, although it should be). In this progressive era, however, men who understand what is truly being dealt with in today’s society have begun to dive into the blogosphere, sharing their stories and knowledge. There are a few in particular who take their place up to the next rung of the ladder, working not only to create content, but to make a difference.


Julien Solomita is a different type of blogger. In fact, he is not technically a blogger, but a vlogger. The two realms are drastically different, but he is just genuinely someone who could not get passed along when mentioning revolutionary men in media. First introduced to the online world as YouTube star and public speaker Jenna Mourey (Marbles)’s boyfriend, Julien began making short videos capturing moments of his daily life, not thinking much of it. A handful of years later, Julien’s branding has turned into a genuine projection of the kind, knowledgeable, and inspiring heart that he is. He understands his following, and uses it to project positivity and acceptance of all. He and Jenna are easily two of the most genuinely caring and accepting people of their fans that can be found on the internet, and it is humbling to see that people like them are still around and making a difference.

Billy Chapata, known under the screen name of ‘iambrillyant,’ is a blogger who does not use his site solely for posting articles and thoughts, but for sharing his art as well. As a poet, Billy posts his short sonnets on the page dedicated to prose. He writes on varying themes of love and weather, to failure and forgiveness. His blog is aesthetically pleasing, but just a bit more important, the words that he strings together have more meaning than the black text against the white background. He also relies on the power of his words to touch and heal those who are in need of what he calls ‘soul talks.’ He offers conversations, via telephone or video chat, filled with advice and insight to his community. Billy’s platform is not so much just a blog, but a please for people to grow.

Dave Weatherall’s blog covers all seven continents - literally. That Travel Blog tells the tales of experiences that Dave has had on his endless trips to nearby and foreign places, all while offering advice and personal connections in between. From offering ways to make the cheapest decisions in hotel reservations to finding places to volunteer in nearby communities while being in unfamiliar places, he brings to his readers practical yet endearing thoughts. One of Dave’s most prominent themes in his posts is how to make every travel experience not necessarily the most memorable or most photogenic, but how to make it one that allows you to leave feeling like you have accomplished something. It is one thing to go on vacation, but it is another to make a difference while doing so.

The world of men blogging has evolving, and although there is still a large area of the community that writes just to write, readers are fortunate enough to finally begin to see men who care about making change, in real time. Take the time to look into Julien, Billy, and Dave, and see how the blogosphere is turning.


Chelsea Triano