Nothing sets the mood of a day more than setting a perfect playlist. Personally, I rely on music to play along with how I’m feeling, whether the rain seems to be in a steady downpour on my life, or if I’ve only felt rays of sunshine on my skin for days. With summer approaching, the carefree lifestyle is beginning to take shape for most people. Work and responsibilities still linger, but being able to go out in flowy dresses and watch the day stretch on until the sun sets late in the night brings a different kind of satisfaction to life. The passing of the final weekend in May marks the socially acceptable time frame for sandals all day everyday.

    When turning the radio on in the summer, classic shore artists fill the air time. From Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bruce Springsteen, one can find the season creeping up on them. Summer music has a special kind of tang to it, and when one hears a song, they can recognize that spark without necessarily being able to specify what exactly it is. Acoustic guitars scream late night bonfires, where saxophones set the perfect day spent on the boardwalk.

Take the playlist linked below for granted. Blast it as you drive down the highway with all four windows open. Hook it up to your waterproof speaker when spending the day at the shore. Use it to motivate you to let the sunshine in. Even when your mood may seem more like an August thunderstorm, listening to the right music can bring it back to a sunny June afternoon.

Summer Sun - a playlist to guide both your body and mind into taking in as much sunshine as possible.

Chelsea Triano