Often times, those who start their own businesses do so with a reason, a mantra, a spark. They put their heart and soul into it, and establish utter happiness from there on out. It creates the vision of the extraordinary successful mogul, inspiring yet untouchable. These stories often leave out the mounds of doubt or failure that were run into on the way, in order to paint a clean ride for the business. Eryn Eddy, founder of So Worth Loving, took the extra step, and stood vulnerable through her entire journey. Her bravery in being honest and open during some of the most double sided times of her enhanced both her brand and her identity as a whole.

    Back in November, Eryn posted a letter onto the So Worth Loving site that got a bit deeper than most business founders ever get with their customers. For Eryn, the supporters of SWL are not just customers, but members of a larger community. She discussed the struggle she had within the last year of defining how she worked with the means of everyday living, and how it seemed as though what used to be something that she didn’t think twice about doing was suddenly a constant trigger that flared her anxiety. She shared that the community of So Worth Loving and the featured hearts who have been open about their difficulties with life made her feel as though she was valid. She writes, “I believe our stories have the power to transform others, and if my pain and failure can help one person, I've done my job.” Eryn addresses the fact that we live in a constant cycle of turning to each other for help, whether it be physical, emotional, or the like, and by us being present for each other even when we ourselves are in need, we collectively are able to grow.

    Following a life changing decision that left her pain stricken, Eryn went through severe stages of darkness. From grievance to hopelessness and loss of self worth, she endeared everything that the stories written to her are bounded with. She had always been able to empathize and understand what was being written, but it was not until this point that she truly knew the extent to what being engulfed in a foggy state felt like. With So Worth Loving, Eryn had dedicated her entire career to helping those find their inner love and independence away from the pain that they had endured, and now that she had come to ties with unfortunate conditions, she was able to turn back to the empire that she has built for aid.

    So Worth Loving is much more than just a blog. Featuring products and models of varying races, ethnicities, and body shapes, and standing as a hotline for anyone who may come to find themselves lost in their own definition of their happiness or value, SWL is a resource for finding yourself and owning just that. It is a platform for the dreamers, doers, and thinkers that have not yet decided which they are. Eryn is the founder of the brand, but she is also the representative of proving that working on yourself and recognizing that you are worthy of your own love is the staple to serenity.


Chelsea Triano