Learning to breathe: spring edition

I don’t know about you, but I am oh so very sick of the winter blues. I welcomed the first few weeks with open arms, with the first snow flurries and festive lights glistening around town. With warm weather and sunshine of the summer now so close, I am ready for spring. Even though the Farmer’s Almanac has warned that this spring will be filled with scattered rain and cool breezes, I’ll take anything as long as I can pack away my winter coat. Below are some of the ways that I plan to spring to action with the change of seasons.



Open the windows.

So, as I type this, a snowstorm is growing outside. I don’t have my window open to let the below freezing air make its way into my dorm room, but I instead have my blinds wide open. Not only does having your window open allow for sunshine to come through, it also gives the illusion of the room being more spacious.


Start a new journal.

Something I love about the idea of spring cleaning is getting a fresh start. I always seem to fall into the trap of the winter blues, and coming into the spring lets me feel as though I can think more clearly. I always like to either start a new journal completely or just a new section of a journal to mark off the new season.


Go for a walk.

There is nothing I miss more during the colder months than being able to be outside and not seek out the nearest building to find shelter in. Fresh air has been proven to improve mood and increase overall positive attitudes. Whenever I’m upset or wanting to feel free for a moment, taking a walk around the block always brings me relief.


Make a bright playlist.

The right music sets the stage for any occasion. When I think of spring, I think of fun, upbeat songs that literally make you feel like the sun is shining on you. I listen to music when I’m getting ready in the morning, and as I’m going to sleep. Having a playlist that matches the happy mood that spring brings makes me feel all that more content.


Let go.

In order to truly be able to embrace the freedom and open air you wish to enjoy, you must learn to let go of the clutter that has been preventing you from doing so all this time. You can do the traditional cleaning out of the closet, and you can go through your food cupboard and toss out the expired products. What I advise you to do, however, is make an effort to let go of everyone and everything that is toxic.

It seems silly, to take the changing of a season and decide make changes in your life, because truthfully, you can make a change anytime you want. For some reason, however, it always feels easier to change when the rest of the world is too. So, take on this spring season with an open mind and breathe it all in.


Chelsea Triano