SLAY 2018. A Playlist.

Happy 2018 everyone! I made a playlist of songs I've been bumping to lately, to get my day started and put me in a good mood. Also there are empowering songs like Queen by Jessie J. The playlist's vibe is a mix between empowering and a hype up feel. Here they are for you all & the reasons why I put it on the playlist.


1. Crown, Camila Cabello- this song is a BOP. I love the message about running for the crown, always going for you want. Closing your eyes and envisioning your goals is so important so go run for that crown girl! It's your year if you want it to be.

2. Miss Me More, Kelsea Ballerini-  I love Kelsea, I think she's a wonderful songwriter and when I heard this song after it came out, I really liked the message. It's sometimes easy to lose yourself in someone while you're in a relationship with them. Sometimes the other person can influence you so heavily that you stop doing the things you liked before them. I feel like this is an empowering break up song that can help one move on, especially if the relationship had a bad ending.

3. Sorry Not Sorry, Demi Lovato- This song is such a good song to workout too, to blast while you're getting ready for the day. Demi's vocals portray the emotion attached to the lyrics so well. Regardless of how one can relate to this song, the message of not being sorry for your actions and who you are is vital to remember while growing as a person.

4. Best Part, Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R.- I put this song on the playlist specifically because the beauty of it. The melody and harmonies in the duet are so potent to the listener's ear, I think it is such a beautiful song and the lyrics do nothing but enhance that thought! Even though it is not a self- love inspired song, it is a stunning song about love I think people should take notice too.

5. She Loves Control, Camila Cabello- I put this song on the playlist because I think it's so fun to dance to! Camila's album includes Spanish influence and I love that about her new album, especially in this song. I like to listen to this song when I want to dance, everyone should feel the fun of dancing along to music whether it's alone in your room or with people.

6. LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI. KENDRICK LAMAR.I like this song because of the line "if I minimize my net worth, would you still love me?" Because all people want genuine relationships, and I think sometimes it's hard to trust people if one is quite fortunate and successful, because are people infatuated with who you are or what you have? I like how this song approaches the situation of love and a genuine connection being the most important thing, because showing love and kindness to others is the most important thing instead of success. 

7. The Greatest, Sia Feat. Kendrick Lamar- Sia is an incredible artist as well as vocalist, I like this song because the lyrics are empowering. The way Sia sings them is really inviting as a listener. What I mean by that is, is that she makes you believe you ARE the greatest. I think Kendrick's part enhances the elements in the song. They are both legendary artists and bringing their talents together is inspiring! 

8. S. L. U. T., Bea Miller- I love this song because it challenges the negative word of 'slut' with the positive change of 'sweet little unforgettable thing' empowering people to wear what they want, love their bodies and embrace their sexuality. It's such an important thing for people to understand that liking sex doesn't make a person a slut, or that loving your body and wanting to show your assets doesn't make you a slut either because one should be able to embrace their skin and do what they want with their bodies.

9. Queen, Jessie J- This song was actually introduced to me by our own Boss Lady, Cydney. It's a perfect song for this playlist because it helps the listener to remember that when you love yourself, stop caring what people think and embrace your body you are the biggest and brightest Queen. (Also Jessie's vocals have me like !!!!!!!)

10. Praying, Kesha- I remember the first time that I heard this song, I cried. Kesha's own story associated with this song is very inspiring and I am very proud of her. As I've familiarized myself with this song I learned it was important to attach an experience of my own to it. Although different than Kesha's, I learned it is important in using music to heal from something. By listening to this song and wishing change for the person who hurt you, the healing that can be brought after thinking that way is something so real and I hope this song inspires many people just as it's inspired me. 



julia hughes