The Struggle of Loneliness

Something that I have always struggled with is feeling lonely. Now I will admit, I do like being by myself sometimes so I can do things and my own pace and the way I like to, but sometimes that means pushing others away in my case.

    If I have the choice I always opt to do something by myself, and because of that it may come across that I don’t want to hang out with other people ever and then I don't get invited places. That can be hard for me because, while I am a true introvert, I still need some interaction with people.

    I go through stages where the feeling of loneliness hits me harder than other times. The summer is one of those times. I feel like all my friends are off having fun adventures, and because of my work schedule, I can never join them or get together with them.

    I then see all those adventures plastered all over social media and it reminds me that I’m spending my summer alone. This feeling is one of the reasons I decided to move onto campus this coming school year. I need to be able to hang out with people at the drop of a hat, instead of going home directly after classes.

    I’m sure that despite living on campus, I’m still going to want alone time because being around people is sometimes too draining for me. But this semester, I am more determined to branch out and try new things to keep my brain from going into overdrive and being hit with that feeling of loneliness.


Photo by Killian Pham on Unsplash