Key to a Cozy Holiday Outfit

We’re in the midst of prime holiday time right now, with twinkling lights wrapped around every corner and emails flooding in every day with new discounts and gift guides. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but can also be the most strenuous. Balancing holiday parties at work and gift exchanges with friends and family dinners, this spirited season leaves you with a full schedule every week. Nevertheless, each of these events always come with new opportunities to look your best and show off how well you’ve been doing. When you reunite with your aunt who you haven’t seen in over a year, you want to catch her off guard by all of your success. Feel your best in confidence this holiday by dressing in what I like to call the “cozy chic.”

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of sweaters. They can create such high class or laid-back outfits, just with the assistance of a few accessories or lack of. During this time period, maroon, navy, and forest green are always colors that make you seem to blend in with holiday sceneries. Cardigans are also another statement that I love drifting towards since they not only allow me to continue sporting my favorite summer tanks and shorter sleeved shirts, but they basically feel like wearing a blanket. Comfort in fashion is ultimately my goal.

Two cozy sweaters that I've been loving are from here and here

Another trend that I’ve been loving, even though I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one myself, are corduroy skirts. The straight fit to them offers a more sophisticated edge, yet the softer material and color screams of delicacy and coziness. I found a navy suede skirt that has the same shape as the popular corduroy ones, and have been wearing it every chance I can. When I was younger, corduroy pants were the only pants I owned. Like, my entire closet was corduroy. It was a problem. Seeing it come back into play makes me nostalgic, and a bit ashamed, but I think in the form of a skirt, the piece is a staple to both autumn and winter.

Some of my favorite skirts can be found here and here.

Finishing any outfit, and normally the hardest part for me, is choosing the perfect pair of shoes. Booties with high knit socks are in trend now and have been for the past few seasons. They’re great to pair with skirts, like in this outfit, but also with a dark pair of skinny jeans when trying to dress up a more relaxed outfit. I wore my tall brown leather boots with my blue suede skirt just the other day and got a handful of compliments on the pairing, so naturally, they are now my go-to shoe. In the colder months, it’s difficult to wear clothes that basically leave you feeling naked in the wind, but covering up with a statement piece is always helpful.

My favorite pair of boots are from here

Ultimately, no one wants to feel uncomfortable when explaining how college is going or if you’re dating anyone every hour around the table. If you’re dressed in a style that you feel confident and like yourself in, you’ll be the star of the season of lights and candy canes. There are many trends going around for fall and winter, many of which are altered to meeting multiple styles and attitudes. Find the ones that you love, disregard the ones that you hate, and show off your spirit this season in what makes you happy.


Header Photo by Mak Mozza on Unsplash