6 Simple Decorations To Light Up Your Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are now ready for Christmas or any holiday you celebrate during the month of December. Since my family and I celebrate Christmas, today I am going to show you how to decorate your dorm room or apartment to make it cozy before you head home or if you are staying there this holiday season.


String Lights

    These are a must-have year-round in a college girl's apartment, but especially so during the holiday season. You can just put them over your bed if you're in a dorm, around your whole room if you're lucky enough like me that you have your own, or if your roommates are okay with it, you can even put them in the common area of your dorm/apartment! At night, turn off the rest of the lights and watch a movie with just your string lights on and a candle burning and you'll never be more at peace!


Holiday Mugs

    I am the definition of a mug hoarder, collecting them from places I've been and just being incapable of just walking by a cute one. The holidays make that so much more difficult because of stores, especially Target, make the cutest ones ever!


Serving Ware

    Go to Target, or even the Dollar Tree, and pick up a holiday bowl and fill it with holiday candy in red and green wrappers!



    One of my friends went to the dollar store and found the cutest monogram stockings! They are also on a college budget too because the dollar store is awesome.


Mini Tree

    If you're living in a small space, it can be hard to fit a whole tree in there, so instead, I suggest just finding a pre-lit mini tree. I have one in my room that I bought from Target and decorate it with mini ornaments. Another good thing about mini trees is that they are much cheaper than the full-size ones!



    Candles are another thing I just can't say no to during the holiday season. I know everyone talks about them, but Bath & Body Works truly does have the best candles around. While they tend to be pricey, there is almost always a sale on them, so sign up for their email list so you know when they do. They also tend to send out coupons when those sales are going on so you can save even more! If you prefer scents that aren't as strong as those candles, you can buy ones from Target that are just as festive but aren't overpowering.

No matter where you're spending this holiday season, I hope you are surrounded by the people and things that you love. Even if you're stuck in a different city, I hope some of these suggestions make you feel more at home and cozy during this season. Happy holidays everyone!