Feature: Julia Garcia

When you think of girl boss, you think of someone who has made her passion into her job, and her story into her brand. She has all of the tools for making her dreams come true, but more importantly, she uses them to aid others in creating theirs. Julia Garcia, motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, all around badass, fits this description as well.


Julia currently is touring with Truality, an organization that hosts seminars at middle schools, high schools, and colleges about heavy topics like sexual harassment, bullying, and self esteem. Most motivational speakers get into their work after studying communications or other enriching majors in college. Julia’s story is a bit different. She used her past to inspire her present.

She had everything that a normal teenager in high school had, with the challenges of academics and social life. However, she also battled a great addiction to alcohol, one so severe that it led her to lose her athletic scholarship once in college. Many are often embarrassed of these parts of their stories. They push them out of their memory, or simply never venture that far back when building relationships with people. Julia struggled with her addiction and recovery, but once she found herself standing on her own two feet again, she used her story as a backbone to her career.

Contrary to most of the artists that I am inspired by or am eager to share with our followers, I had the opportunity to attend one of Julia’s TRUality: Overcoming Adversity seminars a few weeks back. I had entered the performance hall expecting nothing other than another informational session on drugs and alcohol, and left completely moved. There is no way to truly capture in words the power of Julia and her partner’s performance. They shared their own personal stories, and allowed for the audience to open up as well. Being able to connect with so many lives in such a short amount of time truly brought a perspective of appreciation to my life.

Although her performances mainly take place on school campuses, there are many of opportunities to hear and engage with her story. From reading her memoir, to watching clips of her speak online, I highly suggest taking the time to get inspired. Her biggest message is to not be ashamed of who you are, and I think that is something we all need reassurance on from time to time.